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The Impact Of Stratasys

Stratasys has been a revolutionary leader in the 3D printingworld. Founded by S Scott Crump and his wife Lisa Crump in 1989, this companyhas been doing nothing but advancing the manufacturing world that we knowtoday. Stratasys was founded in Eden Prairie, Minnesota a while back, andpatented a well-known 3D printing process referred to as Fused DepositionModeling, or FDM. This process of 3D printing is a form of additivemanufacturing like any other type of 3D printing, but is truly revolutionaryfor its cost effective attributes.  This FDM 3D printing process involves the use of ABSplastic, Polyphenylsulfone (PPSF), Polycarbonate (PC), and Ultem 9085 asmaterials. The process of this Fused Deposition Modeling is a CAM system, or aComputer-Aided-Manufacturing system. This means that the intelligent computeron the 3D printer will tell the nozzle exactly where to move, and how toassemble a product in accordance to a 3D blueprint, designed by an engineer or3D designer. Essentially, the material will be wound up in a string like state,and put in a spool. The nozzle or “funnel-like” jet of the 3D printer will pullon the string of material and will proceed to melt it in accordance to thedesign. Think about a hot glue gun being controlled by a computer, where thematerial would be the glue, and the hot nozzle on the hot glue gun would be thejet on an FDM printer. In this 3D printing process, the nozzle will meltmaterial on top of the product in layers at a time. This 3D printing processknown as Fused Deposition Modeling was invented and patented in 1989, and hastruly impacted the manufacturing world that we know today.  Stratasys has held its own in the international 3D printingindustry, and has truly stood out from its competition in many aspects. In2007, Stratasys supplied 44% of all additive manufacturing systems worldwide. Justimagine that; Stratasys supplied 44% of the entire world in 3D printing! Thiscompany has been assisting many industries, including the automotive industry,aerospace industries, industrial industries, recreational industries,electronic industries, consumer industries, and even medical industries. Theimpact of Stratasys is huge across the world. By supplying 3D printers, it hastruly assisted in changing the manufacturing world. 3D printing blows away manyother traditional forms of manufacturing, and Stratasys has been one of theleaders in this process.  This company has also helped supplement the 3D printingworld by expanding. Let me elaborate. Stratasys operates the 3D printingservice known as Redeye on demand. It created the FORTUS series of 3D printerswhich are revolutionary for their strength and build envelopes. Stratasysrecently developed a Mojo 3D Printer series which works with ABS ivorymaterial, and creates it at a great level of detail, with a strong build size,all while fitting on your desk with a great price! Stratasys is a trueinnovator when it comes down to 3D printing, and will continue to impact theworld that we know today.

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