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Use of nickel and other

In 1751 Swedish mineralogist Cronstadt (AFCronsteclt), preparation of metal nickel with the method of separation. The metal nickel is used extensively for social and economic development, more than one hundred years of history. Nickel has good mechanical strength and ductility, characteristics of refractory, not in the air oxidation. In moist air at room temperature in a dense oxide film formed on the surface, will continue to block bulk metal oxidation. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, organic acid and alkaline corrosion solution on nickel leaching extremely slow. Nickel in dilute nitric acid slowly dissolves. Strong nitric acid can make the nickel surface passivation and corrosion resistance. Nickel, like Platinum, Palladium, passivation can absorb large amounts of hydrogen, smaller size, greater uptake. Important salts as nickel sulphate and nickel chloride in nickel. Nature nickel of mineral type more, has industrial value of main mineral about more than 10 more than species: nickel yellow iron ore, and purple sulfur nickel (iron) mine, and needle nickel mine, and FAI (iron) nickel mine, and containing nickel magnetic yellow iron ore, and party sulfur nickel mine, and Red arsenic nickel mine, and arsenic nickel mine, and FAI arsenic nickel mine, and dark nickel serpentine, and nickel green mud stone, and green kaolinite, and green nickel mine, and nickel magnetite, and nickel alum, and green alum, and zaratite. Production methods are mainly nickel sulfide ores of nickel refining nickel and nickel oxide ore smelting of nickel in two ways by metal powder supplier. Nickel is a very important nonferrous metal raw materials. Nickel of main uses is manufacturing stainless steel, and high nickel alloy steel and alloy structure steel, was broad for aircraft, and radar, and missile, and tanks, and ships, and spaceship, and Atomic Reactor, various military manufacturing; in civilian industrial in the, nickel often made structure steel, and acid steel, and heat-resisting steel, large for various machinery manufacturing, and oil; nickel and chromium, and copper, and aluminum, and cobalt, element can composition non-iron base alloy. Nickel-based alloys, Nickel-chromium-based alloy is resistant to high temperature and oxidation-resistant materials, used in the manufacture of jet turbine structures, high temperature resistance, electric components, devices, etc; nickel powder can also make ceramic pigments and anticorrosion coating; nickel-cobalt alloy is a permanent magnet materials, widely used in electronics remote control and ultrasonic technology, atomic energy industry sectors, in the chemical industry, nickel is often used as catalysts for hydrogenation. In recent years, color televisions, tape recorders, and other communication equipment such as amount of nickel is also growing rapidly.Source: http://www.mhcmp.com

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