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The Stay-At-Home Mom

What is the toughest job in the world? A lot of people will say different physically demanding jobs like a coal miner or garbage man. Construction worker is also a very physically tough job. Those jobs are very hard and the people who do those things should be recognized for their hard work. Another tough job is being a stay-at-home mom. Whether it is the toughest job in the world is questionable, but to the moms that do the work it is. It is overlooked by many people as easy and envied by those who do not have the privilege. They say she does not have a care in the world; she just lies around, cleans and cooks. This is definitely not the case.Stay-at-home moms do not sleep in at all except maybe a little on Saturdays and Sundays depending on the individual situation. In order to keep the mental status of the woman clear she must get up before anyone does to spend some quiet time. This should be time spent not doing duties but relaxing, reading, meditating, and praying. After the meditation time she gets herself ready and about this time her husband is waking up to head out to work. She makes sure a nutritious breakfast is ready to give everyone the energy to make it through their day. Then it is time to wake up the children. A lot of people think that the older the kids get the easier the job. It does get easier but the mom still has to make sure the children stay on the right course as they grow. The older kids have to be dressed appropriately and look well groomed. They are old enough to make up their own bed and pick up their clothes but they still need attention. The smaller kids need a lot of attention. The younger they are the more work has to be done and the less rest with babies. While the kids are at school it is time to clean and manage the house. If the kids are younger like preschool age then they have to be taught in between managing the house. There are some days when it seems like there is not enough time in the day. Before the mom can get a chance to breathe the school-age kids have come back home and need help with homework. A lot of kids have after school activities that they and their friends have to be driven to. Then the table has to be set and dinner made just in time for the husband to come home.The husband wants everything in order when he arrives to his castle. Hopefully the husband is supportive, loving and not a control monster who nitpicks at every little thing. The attitude of the husband is very important in this situation. If he is not happy the wife is not happy but she still has to hold it all together. If she does not then the house falls apart and the order of the home is lost. That is why it is important for the homemaker to have the meditation time in the morning. It is also good if she makes out a schedule so she will not overwhelm herself trying to do too much in one day. This is very important as the kids get older and she starts to do other activities outside the home like charity work.It may be a hard job but it is well worth it. Ask anyone whose mom stayed at home and they are grateful. They are grateful that she was always there when they arrived home from school. They are grateful to have been able to participate in after school activities. They were proud to invite their friends over to a nicely kept home with a wonderful spread of food. The working mothers in the neighborhood are grateful they have a backup sitter for their kids at times. The husband as well is grateful for all her hard work in keeping the house in order. Everyone is grateful for the stay-at-home mom.

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