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Appreciation for Grandparents

We all have grandparents.  Having not been fortunate enough to have had a relationship with my own grandparents, I have a deeper appreciation for the interactions my children have with their grandparents.  I can see how wonderful these people are, both for the children and for us parents.Being a mother is tough work.  Whenever Grandma calls requesting a couple days with the little one I sigh with relief.  Having mothered four children herself, she knows just how often to give me a break.  Like anyone would, I revel in having the ability to sleep past seven and really focus on the tasks I attempt.  When he comes back, my son has a calmer and more patient mother.Grandma is also a person I can go to when I need advice.  I don't think I'll come across a challenge that she hasn't already conquered.  That allows me to have a sounding board; she is a safe place for me to question my techniques and my child's needs.  I'm sure it feels good to be able to share the things that she has learned over the years.As great as I think Grandma is, my son is definitely her biggest fan.  As far as he's concerned, nothing is more exciting than going to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  This is a place that he is free to be himself.  He can get away with a little bit more than at home.  Even if they need to discipline him, Grandma and Grandpa have different methods than Mommy and Daddy.  Somehow, just asking nicely one time works for them.  I often envy that, but do understand that they deserve that kind of special treatment.  I take comfort in the fact that even if my children never stop pushing my buttons, one day I will be the adored grandmother.Whenever I think about my son's grandparents, I smile.  Soon they will also have a granddaughter, and I know that they will be just as supportive about my daughter as they are with my son.  It makes me constantly look for ways to show my appreciation.  Often all they want is for the rest of the family to be happy, but somehow that feels like it's not enough…I want to do more.  I don't know if I will ever be able to thank them enough, but I hope that the little things I do will suffice.  Whether it's making a cheesecake to bring to Christmas dinner or picking up a gift-card so that Grandma can treat herself to a day in the spa, I know that every little bit counts in the eyes of the saints we so easily could take for granted.So I ask: is your life touched by grandparents?  Are you doing what you can to make sure they know how much you appreciate all they do for you?  Maybe if we all took today to thank the people that will help no matter what, the world will be a happier place.  Remember, grandparents do what they do because they want to, they don't have to be so wonderful.  I know that I feel better when I consciously cultivate a mutual relationship of thanks and love.  I don't ever want to abuse the privilege I have been given: having these people in my life is terrific.

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