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How To Catch The Excitement To Organize Clutter

Haveyou ever watched a television program where the people on a beautifulboat are deep sea fishing? They are all decked out in “boat attire”with their white shorts and colorful shirts holding very long fishingpoles. When someone gets a bite the pole dips down into the ocean andeveryone cheers and yells, “You’ve got one”. And the excitement begins.Everyone focuses on that fish being reeled in to the boat.Sometimesthe fish gets away to the dismay of the fisherman and his companions.But when the fish stays on the hook it is all happiness and excitementand the work begins. Everyone on the boat is offering encouragement andis yelling to the person what to do. They yell things like, “pullharder, let him have his head, slacken the line, don’t pull on theline, hold on, pull harder”. Whenthe fish is finally brought into the boat—the celebration begins. Allthe hard work paid off when a big fish is brought onto the boat.Pictures are taken and everyone is cheering. Plans are made for thecare of the fish and how they will get it home.Tome it always looked like a lot of fun and excitement to go deep seafishing. So I booked a trip for the wide open seas. We drove to thecoastal city and stayed overnight in a motel as we had to be on theboat early in the morning. It was not a large white beautiful boat Ihad seen on T.V. It was a very small boat as were the others around us.Onthe shows I had seen the skies were a beautiful blue with a few fluffyclouds floating around. Well not today! The sky was deeply overcastwith thick gray clouds and the ocean wasn’t calm with gentle waves.Thecaptain of the boat was trying to decide if he should even take theboat out. There were other boats going out so for whatever reason hedecided we could go out for our deep sea adventure. This was to be aonce in a life time adventure so I was happy we were going. Even thoughit was cold and the water was choppy.Theday turned out to be horrible. The swells of the ocean were so high welost sight of the other boats on the water as we would plunge down intothe ocean and then come back on top of a wave. I got desperately seasick even though I had taken Dramamine pills before we left. Noone caught any fish that day and I was so grateful when after severalhours we finally called it a day and went ashore even though for me ittoo was rolling around. But I have my memories of my once in a lifetime deep sea adventure. To catch the excitement of organizing clutter it is a lot like deep sea fishing.1.     Set your goal on what you want to accomplish. (Declutter a room, organize magazines, organize a bathroom drawer etc).2.    Getthe supplies you’ll need—bags for donating, trash and your BE basket.(Belongs Else ware stuff to go to another room when you’re finished inthat room). 3.     Share your plans and goals with your family so they can help you and cheer you on during your organizing journey.4.    Setyour timer and only work for a set amount of time so you don’t getburnt out as organizing can be emotionally and physically challenging.5.    Take before and after photos and celebrate what you accomplish!6.    Make a plan to keep organized. Enlist the support of your family to help keep it organized.7.    Expect the unexpected. This way you won’t be discouraged and you will reach your goal of organizing clutter.Organizingclutter is a journey, not a destination. By having a plan, workingtoward your goals and enlisting the support of others it is more funand the results you see will be amazing.

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