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Cushions Making Is A Lot Of Fun

The fun of making cushions lies beneath what we can share with mom over a cup of tea. Simply enjoy something new with someone special. Measuring the fabric on all sides to leave 2 inches on the top and the bottom as well as the sides to fold the flap and sew the sides is needed when we cut the pattern for the cushion. Once it has been pre-measured we can cut around the sides leaving extra space to stuff my cushion once I have put it together. And remember, by this time the cup of tea should be almost ready. Take a minute to prepare that tea to enjoy your cushion making. By this time, you should sit down and start choosing the color of the thread as well as preparing to sew this cushion together. Putting both sides together of the cushion and preparing the sides for sewing either by hand or sewing machine.If you will be doing this by hand, make sure you have the sides very allocated in between your hands and prepare with the needle and thread on the other hand to make sure your fabric doesn't slide. If you have a sewing machine, place the cut pattern on the sewing machine and select your color of the thread positioning your hands where you can hold your fabric at all times. By now, you ought to be enjoying your tea daydreaming on how wonderful it will look in your new living room set. Fancy look comes to mind. Sewing all sides together coming to the edges and leaving 2 inches of space from the edge and finishing up all touches but one side of the pattern will do. Once you do that, place the cushion which now looks like a bag. Placing the cushion and stuffing it starting with the corners very carefully and with care stuff the entire cushion as well as the middle area of it. Leaving it nicely stuffed and zipping one last drink of your tea, you should be able to place together the sides of the open area into your hands and prepare to sew by hand. Once this is completed, tighten the fabric holding the sides and staring to sew the side making sure the fabric does not slide away. Very much so, a cup of tea is crucial to keep our patience when our fabric is not cooperating.Holding both sides together and sewing keeping the flap of the side in place will take you into completing your project making sure you're stuffing is set in place. Completely observe for any out of order thread or any area that doesn't look nice and neat to fix. This concludes the cushion making made fun.Good Day

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