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Architecture's Design Evolution

The study of architecture encompasses a sensitivity to design, skill in drawing techniques and a knowledge of the latest construction materials. It seems like now a days everybody is going green and you can find quite a large number of manufacturers that are producing materials you could not find on the shelves a year ago. It is the combination of these abilities that yields the outstanding architects of today's world. These architects design massive high rise buildings, quaint lake shore cottages, modern churches, and family homes or residential are required to meet the needs of out society, and it's never ending demand for structures.   The world of architecture is all around us. It has been one of the major conquests of man to design structures to bring the thrill of lasting beauty to the eye of the beholder. Whether it is a symbolic monument, or a long awaited residence, a rewarding experience belongs to the architect and years of pleasure to those who view the structure. Some of the structures are designed for commercial and industrial use, while others are planned for organizations and private living. The emphasis of this article is on the design and architectural study of re of residential structures: however, the relationships of line, form, and material of almost any structure has an impact on home construction.   Over the years a number of architectural styles for house construction have been developed. Many of these structures were designed to meet climatic conditions and needs of families in various parts of the country. Others were planned especially for luxurious living. All of these factors provide a historical background that influences the design of today's homes. Some house styles became so popular that they took on names related to their shape, period of time, or area of the country in which they were built. The emphasis here is given to the design qualities that man has used over many years and now imitates or incorporates in modern homes. Now a days you see a lot of these older designs influencing modern Architecture, Green Building, and a lot of new structures. To learn more about Architecture and the CAD design process visit-Invention & Prototype Design Services 

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