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Expansion Of 3D Printing

3D printing is a very interesting form of manufacturingtechnology that isn’t doing anything but expanding. This layer by layer processhas been the key to creating incredibly intricate shapes that consist oforganic curves, hollow centers, and moving parts. Feats such as a ball within aball have been created through this process, which is almost unheard of withinthe manufacturing world. One thing that is interesting in my opinion is towatch the expansion of this technology; it excites me as well as other 3D printingenthusiasts to watch as this technology falls into the hands of the everydayconsumer. Many corporate leaders such as Stratasys, EOS, Objet, 3D systems, andMakerbot really push to reach this goal; everyone needs to know about this technology.Fortunately, there is promise within this subject.  Lately, the home printer movement has been on the rise.Prices of printers are dropping well below $2,000 in many cases – giving hobbydesigners and product developer a chance to make things! In addition to that,the industry itself has grown in stature within the past 2 years. I personallybelieve that 3D printing is just now starting its exponential expansion.  Government action has also taken place within the world of3D printing. To my knowledge, the Pentagon has recently launched a 60 milliondollar program in which a massive facility will be created for manufacturingprojects. This is great to see the recognition and expansion of the technology. In addition to the government’s involvement with 3D printing,private interests have been involved with this interesting manufacturingtechnology. Peter Thiel recently awarded 20 $100,000 blocks of money on varioustechnology projects. One of the projects involved 3D printing. Hopefully thismoney for research will be strong enough to leave a big impact in the 3Dindustry.  What else do we have to look forward to within the 3Dprinting industry? Competition – that is a huge factor to the expansion of thistechnology. As companies like Objet, 3D systems, Makerbot, and other companies arefighting for the attention of consumers who love the technology – it will grow.Who will get the money from consumers? The company offering the best productwill receive the most best capital. This means that companies will be fightingto launch the next best product. One more product in addition to anotherproduct will help to increase the momentum of this technology. Hopefully we’llbe looking at an exponential expansion of 3D printing.What could come out of the expansion of this technology? Whyare we searching for this additive manufacturing to expand? What is sosignificant? Well, a lot actually. This technology could be the key to creatingentirely unique products for individuals. It is great in a variety ofindustries. It could even save your life. 3D printing has played a big rolewithin the medical world. Organ replication isn’t too far down the road.Implants, dental work, and hearing aids are common applications. Jewelry ispretty big too. To answer those questions, this technology impacts a ton ofindustries for the better.

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