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Easy Tips on How to Put Together a Baby Shower

Chances are, if you’re pulling out your hair trying to figure out whom sells baby shower favors and, more importantly, what the heck baby shower favors are, you’ve probably been asked to put together your first baby shower. Oh sure, you stand behind your pregnant friend and you want to give her the best celebration possible, but now you question what was going through your head when you agreed to host and plan it. You don’t know where to even begin, it seems like such a monumental task. The good news, thankfully, is that a baby shower can be easy to put together. Just take a deep breath first and take it step by step. First things first, what does the mother-to-be want? Isn’t that the most important part of the equation? As much as she might not want to deal with it, she has to give you an idea of what she would wants the baby shower to be, even a basic outline. Also, try to involve her other friends in the decision-making situation. You can come up with better ideas as a team. Now that you have a basic idea of what she wants, begin to assemble the individual aspects of the party. First of all, get a guest list together and get invitations out before anyone makes other plans. Find a caterer if that’s what the mother- to- be wants. If flowers are to be involved find a florist who will put together something nice, and more importantly have it done in time for the party. Decorations and party supplies don’t have to be picked up right away, but make sure you have them all lined up at least a week before the party. Now that the individual aspects of the party are lined up, it’s now time to make sure all of them smoothly come together on the special day. Get as many of the supplies as possible a few days before the shower day so that you can keep your stress levels to a minimum. If you have a reliable caterer (or are getting food from a restaurant) make sure to call in a few days before to make sure everything is lined up clearly. Ask about delivery as it might be worth it to save some time. Make sure the baby shower favors are all in order and get the drinks on ice. Make sure you have a few trusty people around to delegate some of the lesser chores. This will make the day run smoother and will make sure that everything goes according to plan. Both the mother-to-be and your sanity will thank you big time for taking this step by step.

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