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3 Reasons Why Sectional Sofas Rock

Sectional sofas are not just another ho hum piece of furniture. They go beyond what the normal couch or sofa do. They introduce into your living environment an element of variety and excitement. Think about the traditional American living room. I'm thinking of something circa 1975. The TV is set up proudly along one wall. There's a couch facing it with a chair or two off to the side. Well goodness sakes, that isn't very thrilling. The family gathers for an evening of Walter Cronkite, the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie or some other smash hit wonders. There they all are sitting with perfect postures on the couch together. Mom in her dress, Dad with his skinny tie and the kids looking spiff. Let's face it, this is silly. I mean who does this? Nobody does! At least not any more. Now there are a million channels, dvds, satellite, and instant watch Netflix and streaming movies and shows. Nobody wants to hang out with Mom and Dad on the couch for three or four hours.Now introduce sectional sofas in to the mix and, viola!, now you have a totally different environment. Sectional sofas often have built in recliners and/or tables. Someplace to store the remotes is common, and most have drink holders and other amenities that make watching media together much more relaxed and comfortable. And this is the first reason why sectional sofas rock. They just make watching movies and tv shows more enjoyable because you can actually relax on them.The second reason why sectional sofas rock is because they can be positioned in a variety of ways in the room. Gone are the tired ol' days of just plopping the sofa in the middle of the room facing the television. Now you can change things up in fresh and new ways if you want to. One section can be positioned in relation to the other section to make an "L". This is a common and popular configuration because it invites interaction and a feeling of closeness. I'm not an expert interior designer, but I know that this set up has worked well in our house. Sometimes it is out in the middle of the room, while other times it gets put into a corner. Pretty slick.If space is an issue, and it is for most, then sectional sofas once again come to the rescue. Let's say you have someone who is staying the night with you and you don't have an extra bedroom for them. Sectional sofas often have a built in bed. These are like the traditional hide-a-beds that can be pulled out to use for a bed, then put away to use as a couch. The old ones were pretty bad. I have awful memories of trying to sleep on my Aunt's old pull out bed. It was nearly impossible with that stupid metal bar in my back all night. The modern sectional sofas have beds that are actually comfortable. Somebody finally put a little thought into the designs and the mattresses are quite comfy.Whether you want diversity in your interior decoration and arrangement of furniture, or you just want to enjoy modern media with the family, or you need a place for Uncle Harry to crash, sectional sofas rock and are becoming on of the most popular pieces of furniture in many modern homes.

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