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Zinwell ZAT-970A Digital to Analog TV Converter Box For Antenna Use

Contrary to common opinion, there are still a lot of TV viewers who depend on the good old-fashioned set of "rabbit ear" antennas that are built into the set or they buy a Wal-Mart special that sits on top of the set to pull signals.Now, those antennas have to pull in digital signals which is why Zinwell ZAT-970A is a necessary addition to the person who has an old-fashioned analog television set and who wants to see "Saturday Night Live."There's quite a difference between analog and digital waves and it makes all the difference in the world whether you can continue using your old "rabbit ears" or outdoor TV antenna or whether you are forced to the expensive world of HDTV, blu-ray player, 3D, streaming receivers, WiFi, WiFi hotspots and all of the rest of the components that go into making up today's home entertainment system.The Zinwell ZAT-970A is the key to using your old TV with the new system. In a digital system, all of the data that is sent out is in a stream of 1s and 0s. To the ordinary home receiver, this looks just like hash or interference and you swear you need a new set.However, you don't need the new set as the Zinwell quite easily takes the digital systems that all stations just broadcast over the air and converts them so that your analog system (standard TV) can understand them. It's actually very easy as there are only two boxes involved, one the receiver and the other the keypad control.If you are lucky you'll have an RF or RCA connector available at the rear of your set and all it takes is hooking the two up, powering up the handset; setting a a couple of things and you are on your way.The Zinwell ZAT-970 is a multi-language box, featuring English, Spanish and French (about 14 percent of all over-the-air content in Canada is at least digital and it in the US it is more). This means that if you want to make your investment last longer and you don't want to invest in cable or a dish or HDTV or WiFi the Zinwell is the ticket.It has some interesting technology of its own built in as it automatically searches through channels 2 to 69 for digital content, but it also will support parent control with the V-Chip and it also has closed captioning and supports the Emergency Alert System.

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