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Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker

Now this combination machine has a unique extraction system that is especially developed for the Nespresso capsules. It is very convenient to use so that you get a perfect cup of joe every time and is designed to bring out the best aroma and taste of your coffee. The pressure of this machine is incerdibly high at 19 bars so that it extracts all the aromas and flavors so you consistently get that amazingly smooth crema. Another feature it has that can always guarantee you just the right cup is the thermobloc; it heats water to 187 degrees and 196 degrees during extraction and after every each use, it empties the remaining water so you are ensured that the water is fresh every time. Features include: A system which punctures the capsule and infuses the grounds to best filter the coffee Easy coffee preparation thanks to the efficient Jaw system Automatic ejection of used capsule for easy clean up Removable water container (34-ounce) Tray for used capsules Back-lit control button ==> Click here for more information <==   Why Nespresso D290 Concept is so popular? It makes coffee in an exceptionally short time Excellent customer service. Handles concerns quickly and efficiently Quality of espresso is excellent. The quality and taste can compete with professionally made shots. The machine looks great and very elegant Low maintenance; easy to use and clean (because of the pod system). There is a light indicator that lights up when the machine needs to emptied of capsules The pod (capsule) system makes it easy to use and you get great tasting coffee every time since the pods preserve the best traits of the coffee. You can even keep the pods for months Has a very compact footprint; very practical to use especially if you don’t have much counterspace to spare The capsules come in different flavors so you have so many flavors to choose from Delivery of capsules/pods takes only two days. You can set it up so that you get the pods delivered to your doorstep once a month or whatever your preference is Produces great froth of cappuccinos and lattes ==> Click here to purchase this model of Espresso and Coffeemaker Now <==   Some Things to Consider: The tablets are more expensive than regular beans or grounds Machine is noisy which can be a big deal to many, especially in the morning You can only use capsules which are very exclusive. You have to order them and you can’t just run to a local store and grab a bag It is an expensive machine Most capsules aren’t 100% Arabica. You only get pure Arabica blends twice a year when they release their special edition capsules Some have reported that their machines broke down or developed a leak after only a few months. But they did say that it was replaced and customer service will really do their job and help you out The cup height is especially designed for an espresso cup, so you can’t just put your regular mug underneath when making coffees The manual is mostly just pictures so it can be a bit difficult to understand Though very convenient, the pod system can be a bit wasteful. Nespresso should think of a recycling program for the pods Summary: This Combination Espresso and Coffemaker from Nespresso is especially built for use with the Nespresso capsules. Most pods come with 95% Arabica and 5% Robusta beans so some purists will find that a small gripe. But twice a year, Nespresso releases special edition capsules that are 100% Arabica so purists can stock up on that. The great thing about pods is their convenience and ability to preserve the taste and quality of the coffee grounds for up to months. Aside from its convenience and easy to use characteristics, maintenance is also easy so this is perfect for those with a really fast lifestyle. You enjoy a great cup of coffee minus the effort of preparation and clean up. The machine is compact so this is perfect for those that have very little counter space. Can be used in the office or at home. Since it is small, you can have it anywhere in you house: kitchen, dining, living room or garden; you can even have it in your bedroom! It’s very handy. It is expensive but with its convenience and the quality of espressos and cappuccinos it produces, it can pay for itself twice over with regular use. It really wins the battle of convenience versus flavor, it passes both!

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