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Meet the Cocktail That Works With Many Spirits

The bartender substituted the Americano's soda water for gin to make an even more refreshing concoction for his customer who had been looking for something new and improved upon on what he usually ordered.There has been much discussion about where this cocktail originated and its true origins, however some believe it was first created in Florence (where gin was also very popular) during WWI era when supplies for both alcohol were low due to war restrictions. The use of bitters helped mask any unpleasant taste from poor quality ingredients used by making them go further. This idea could have stemmed from British soldiers who enjoyed adding Angostura Bitters into their beverages in order to make them last longer. A cosmopolitan is another cocktail that can be made with different types of spirits as well, but the Negroni is one of the most versatile, using many different spirits. The Negroni is a great cocktail to have in your repertoire because it can be made with just about anything. It is also easy to mix up the ingredients, so you're never bored of having this drink at home. Here are some suggestions on what types of spirits work well for making a negroni:Vodka or ginBrandy or cognacSweet vermouth (red) and CampariRum and fruit liqueurs like peach schnapps, triple sec, mandarin curaçao, raspberry liqueur etc. The possibilities are almost endless, and remember that no matter which type of spirit you use, they all go perfectly together in one delicious glass. What exactly is a negroni?So, what is a Negroni? It is a cocktail made with gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. The flavor sensations of a Negroni are complex due to the blend of bitter, sweet and herbal ingredients. Why is the Negroni so popular?Negroni's are popular because they are simple, easy to make and always taste delicious. They also pair well with a variety of different foods including everything from light salads to spicy Asian dishes. These cocktails have been known to go down very nicely at the end of dinner or any time you just want something that is guaranteed to be refreshing. What makes these drinks special? A Negroni's complex flavor profile is made up of bitter, sweet and herbal ingredients which gives it an individualistic edge on other classic cocktails like Manhattans or Daiquiris for example. It also looks beautiful when served in its iconic red glassware. How to make a NegroniA Negroni is pretty easy to make. Here are the ingredients you will need:One part gin.One part Campari.A splash of sweet vermouth (optional).Garnish with orange peel. Give it a gentle twist over the drink to release some citrus oils before dropping in. The Negroni can be served on ice or stirred and then strained into your glass. If using tap water, chill beforehand for improved taste results. Add an orange peel garnish as desired, or serve with coffee beans instead, for added depth to this classic choice cocktail, or even olives if preferred. Negroni variationsThere are many different versions to the classic drink including:Bourbon rather than Gin.Lemon Juice rather than Vermouth.Rosemary added to create a roasted flavor profile. Recipes for other cocktails using gin, vodka, or rum as base spiritOther versatile cocktails that can be made using different variations include:Gin and Tonic - Great for summer days when you need a light, refreshing drink that is easy to whip up. The addition of lime gives it an extra zing in terms of flavor while tonic water is great for quenching the thirst.Vodka Sour - All about sourness from lemon juice with additional sugar or honey depending on the level of sweetness desired. Adding egg whites can make it frothier but takes away some of its strength.White Russian - True classic made using coffee liqueur like Kahlua along with milk or cream and vodka. Stirred not shaken since shaking emulsifies ice cream into liquid which isn't very pleasing.Rum Punch - This one is one of the more popular beverages made using fruit liqueur like pineapple or orange, lime and lemon mix with sugar to taste. Rum of choice should be a dark one.Gin Sour - Classic cocktail made using gin along with lemon or lime juice and a sweetening agent (sugar syrup).Whiskey Sour - This one is likely to have a sweeter side than most sours as it uses triple sec which is an orange flavored liqueur along with whiskey, simple syrup, and bitters. Whatever the cocktail of your choice is, you can certainly twist it around and make your own recipe with whatever you have lying around at home.

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