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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ }); Weddings are a real-life fantasy. Most of us dream of this day where we proclaim our love for our life partner in front of a large gathering, for the world to know that this person is yours. Every aspect of it needs to be perfectly and efficiently planned. Like a well-oiled machine, you start ticking off every item from the requirement lists: wedding planner, flowers, venue, lights, caterer, hotels, priest, etc. But one thing that you see that it is left is wedding transportation. Arrangement of buses and cars needed to transport the guests who don’t live nearby or from the hotel, is an important arrangement that demands attention for any hassle-free wedding program. While hiring wedding transportation for the guests, here are 5 things that you ought to remember: When and Where- You can hire a bus for wedding guests. It’s more convenient for a large group of people. You need to be specific about when you need the bus and have a clear idea of when would the guests start arriving. For example, if you book the bus for 5 p.m., but the guests need it for 7 p.m., you would still have to pay for the empty 2 hours. The transportation services are hired out on the basis of hourly charge instead of the whole night charge. Hence, it would be more prudent to ask the guests to arrive at the pick-up spot at a specific time if they are to avail the hired transportation.The Budget- There is many bus hire for wedding in Lucknow at different ranges and prices. Calculate the hours needed for your event, mileage price and the distance to be covered by the bus. Have a talk with the bus hiring travel agency to get an approximate value and then opt for the transportation. You need to practise caution about how much you spend because the wedding is all-in-all a costly affair.The Printed Contract- While you’re hiring the bus service, there will be several other added costs on top of your base fare. To be completely in control, have a printed contract of all the services provided and properly mentioned with the costings. See that your agreement has the costs of base fare, deposit fee, gratuity and refund policies, model and number of the transportation, arrival and departure time, etc. Having all of this in printed agreement signed by both the contractor and you will give the whole deal a different legitimacy.Choices - It’s completely up to you what kind of transportation you’ll offer. Whether it is bus, car or horse drawn carriages even. Depending on your budget, make up your mind of how you want your guests to arrive.Headcount -Well, what good is it going to do if none of the guests need the transportation? Or what good is transportation going to do if the guests who need transportation are more than the seating capacity can handle? So, it’s advisable to have a rough idea of how many people might need it and then hiring the transport. That way you both save space at the venue and money too. ShankerTravels has been in this travel and transport industry for long catering their customers with the best luxury bus on hire in Lucknow and also quality bus services In Kanpur. Now, enjoy a hassle free wedding transport booking in these cities at affordable rates. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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