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Improving your house's value with Balustrading

The global economic crisis has hit the United Kingdom hard. This has had a direct affect on the UK housing market, causing the value of properties to decrease as a result. Some properties have dropped by a staggering 20% in value as a result of the economic crisis. So what can you do to help combat this? Well this article outlines a few measures that you can take to help combat the economic downturn and even increase your properties value. Update the Kitchen Even if it's not huge, it should have "countertops that are serviceable that aren't going to have to be replaced soon and cabinetry in good condition," says Alan Hummel, past president of the Appraisal Institute. "It has to be well-appointed and large enough to fit your needs." Improve the Bathroom A big asset: spa or whirlpool tubs. "I'm always entertained by the people who have them in the master bath and don't use them," says Ron Phipps, principal broker with Phipps Realty & Relocation Services in Warwick, R.I. "But it's a big feature." Incorporate Glass Balustrade and Metal Balustrade Incorporating Glass Balustrade or Metal Balustrade into your home can really help to increase its value considerably. There are a wide variety of designs that you can use to really help your home to stand out from the rest.  Contemporary or modern balustrading can be frameless, but is more generally glazed into a light wood or stainless steel balustrade system by the use of glass clips or clamps.  For a more traditional look, brass balustrades combined with green tinted panels can give a luxurious effect Get your garden Landscaped Appraiser John Bredemeyer remembers one $250,000 home in Omaha that had no landscaping at all. "It was stark," says Bredemeyer, national chair of government relations for the Appraisal Institute, a professional group for real estate appraisers. "It just stood out as unappealing."

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