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How To Choose A Computer Desk

Don't even consider buying a flat tabletop desk. This is not a computer desk. It works well for executives who have no need of a true desk for a computer. For a good desk, you should have room to have all your equipment either on it or stored in it.Before you go shopping for your new computer desk, determine what it has to do. Do you like your tower low down, or at your level? What about the printer? Where will it be most convenient? Up at desk level, or on a shelf above or below? How will the keyboard look? Do you want a pull out drawer or will it stand on the desk?Computer desks come in many styles. Wood, glass, aluminum, but how will they fit in your room? Will a warm wood look out of place with your black Danish sofa? Opt for something that will blend in, and be useful to you and others that may use it.Visit a store that specializes in computer desks, and office equipment. Sit down at the desks and try them. Would a corner desk work better for you? Do you have enough space for a tall hutch-style desk? Do you want a desk that will hide behind closed doors when you aren't using it?Try to get the best value for your money when choosing a computer desk. They are used hard, and need to be made of sturdy material, preferably ready-made. DIY furniture is not as strong as a well-made item.Hopefully your new computer desk is going to last a long time. Make sure you choose one you can live with forever! Find a chair in the store and sit at all the desks, feeling how they suit you. Is the desk a good height? Is the keyboard going to work well on the pullout drawer? Don't choose something just for its looks. Poor posture and height of desk and keyboard can cause medical issues such as back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.How good is the storage? Will it hold all your gadgets, discs and pens and pencils? Is there a drawer to keep such things as cables for USB ports and cameras? A shelf for the printer or tower, and will they fit in the space allowed? Trying to find and reach for things can be a nightmare.Take measurements of the space you've set aside before you leave home! It's so frustrating trying to fit a large item in a space too small! Computer desks come in so many shapes, styles, and sizes that finding your perfect one could take hours. Don't be pushed by a sales person. If you need to, looking other stores. If necessary, take the time to measure the desk in the store, and then measure the space at home before you buy. Some stores are gracious enough to let you exchange an item if it turns out to be wrong for you. Check with them before you buy. They like to keep their good reputation intact!

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