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Big Skye II Swing Set by Gorilla Playsets Features and Benefits

If you are in the marketfor a swing set that is top of the line with all of the bells and whistles,then you have to research the Big Skye II swing set. This playset is extremelylarge and you will need a huge spot in the garden for this monster of a set.The layout specifies a space that is 32 feet long by 27 feet wide which equalsapproximately 864 square feet. This big unit is big on playing space for thelittle ones to run around and explore on! The Big Sky II woodenswing set is manufactured by Gorilla Playsets and is one of the top sellers intheir line of playsets. With three slides and two climbing activities, yourchildren won't know what to do first. This playground will entertain childrenfor hours at a time and they will want to play on it everyday. Their friendswill all be begging to come over and join in on the fun. This unit features acombination of stained wood and poly coated green beams, which are greatbecause they are maintenance free. The stained wood will require the annualmaintenance as outlined in the manufacturers handbook. What I really love aboutthis set is the quality of the top beam, which directly supports the swings.Gorilla Playsets beams are made to be really strong and resilient. The ironductile hardware is made from casted galvanized iron with bronze bushing. Thethree position swing bay supports several accessories, such as a glider swingfor 2 riders, two swing belts or a trapeze bar. With built-in safetyfeatures such as the stepladder, safety pads, which are placed over the boards,and safety handles, this is one high quality product. This playground weighsalmost 1500 pounds and is considered a freestanding unit, so it does notrequire ground stakes for stability. Lastly, this swing set is so big that 8 to10 children could play on it together, making this playset perfect for largefamilies, family gatherings or gatherings with your children’s’ friends! Swing Set Features:Wooden roofIron ductileswing hangers2 swings withplastisol coating over the chains1 trapeze barwith plastisol coating over the barGlider10' Extreme waveslide - Green tube slide - 14' commercial grade scoop slideRock wall withclimbing rope - Climbing rope ladderSafety stepladder - Safety pads - Safety handlesBuilt-in picnictable - Sandbox with mesh coverTower Toysincluded are Telescope - Periscope Steering Wheel - Tic-Tac-Toe panel If you end up purchasingthis amazing piece of play equipment, you will not be disappointed. It isdefinitely an investment, but it is an investment that your family will get alot of use out of for years to come. It will be the hit of the neighborhood andfill up all those lazy summer days that produce an unbearable amount of “I’mbored’s.” If you are in the market for a great unit, this is one that shoulddefinitely be on your list of ones to consider. 

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