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The Effects of Single Parenting on Children

As a single parent, one of your biggest concerns is likely what the effects of single parenting are on your children. Will they grow up differently, not having a mother or a father? Will they struggle with life because of this? It would be naïve to think that there are no effects on the children when they are raised by just one parent, but what exactly are those? Negative Effects of Single Parenting Of course, people tend to look at the negative effects first, but the fact is that most of these can be offset by a caring parent. In many cases, particularly where a parent has died or there has been a messy divorce, the remaining parent is in mourning for what they had. If they aren't careful, this can result in turning inwards and not giving the children the nurturing they so desperately need at this point in time. By ensuring that you pay attention to your kids during this time and even get them counseling or other help if needed, you will offset this potentially negative effect. You will no doubt hear others saying that a child needs a male or female influence in their life, depending on which parent is missing. This can easily be remedied by helping your child find a positive role model of the opposite sex. Programs like the Big Brother/Big Sister program can help with this, or you might let your child spend time with an uncle or aunt who is a good influence. Dealing with your child as he or she gets older can be very difficult, whether you have someone else parenting with you or not. Don't be afraid to seek help, or the grudges that your teen holds against you could turn into a lifetime of bitterness. Counseling may be needed if your child feels that you are the reason their other parent is no longer in their lives. Positive Effects Not everything about single parenting is bad. In fact, most children coming from single parent families grow up with an immense amount of respect for their parent. They understand the great sacrifice it takes to raise a child and hold down a job all alone. Another benefit of this type of upbringing is that these children are often more independent and can handle what the world throws at them. This is a great example of turning something unpleasant into a great benefit. Since they don't have two parents there for them, children of one-parent families learn to be more self-reliant and in some cases, will work very hard to help their remaining parent, be that their father or mother. The effects of single parenting on your children really depends on you. Are you going to complain and whine about being the only person to look after them, or are you going to make sure that your children have the best life possible, with or without the other parent? If you aren't afraid to ask for help, the end results will be far more positive.

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