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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Little Camera

Finally released new Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a nice addition to Canon family. Widely respected previous model, Mark II, known by its ability to record full HD video, now is updated and improved. Let's see the major changes in the latest model.Numerous improvements on different fields, and some new features are more than welcome. For example, the 61 point AF and a 22 MP full frame sensor. High ISO of 100-25600 can be expanded to 50-102 800, and all the operations are more silent, thanks to improved shutter options, including the silent shutter. Besides, even if some things aren't changed a lot, they were changed in the right direction, and almost everything is upgraded.LCD screen, 3,2" offers better options, especially with full 100% viewfinder. Not to mention 1040 k dot. Together with anti-scratching cover, it results with lower reflection level. 61 point AF was seen at more expensive professional models, and it's nice to find it here.The one thing everyone will like is a possibility for side by side viewing on this enlarged screen. Especially good performances can be expected in very low light environment. The quality of this little camera is the most prominent in situations like that. With reduced reflection, just ideal for night shooting.This model offers some other improvements, for example in ergonomics. Now you can switch between live view and movie mode, but now you can set up the preferences of one mode without changes to other one. Touch sensitive buttons allow you to set up sound recording parameters like volume silently.Video output is sharper and better than it used to be. That is the result of improved compression. SLR capability, on the other side, is the result of another new feature you can find here, in-camera high dynamic range shooting. There are also other helpful stuff, like multiple exposures recording option.Side by side comparing option mentioned before is a result of different improvements made on the playback mode. Lens profiles are built in and it means you will be forced to use original replacements. Nevertheless, JPEG images processing is, thanks to them, nicely updated, with several new options. Menu is significantly changed, with some new features, as well as easier managing.Another big change is on the field of wireless communication between your camera and serially connected flashes. Thanks to this new, radio wireless option, the range is expanded to 30m, and the number of units you are able to connect is higher. It seems like those changes actually solved the majority of issues previous models had. It's nice to see they do respond on their customers' feedback.All in all, this is very appealing, comfortable and compact model, and the first thing you will notice is that it looks like an entirely new model. The material is also somehow different. Maybe a little heavier, but easy to manage. Vertical grip with another set of controls is nice for portrait shooting conditions.Not only the overall managing is improved, but also downloading your images to your computer, thanks to dual cards. H1 and H2 options, with high ISO range, make this camera the best in poor light conditions. Even the auto shoot option works just fine without special adjustments. Canon EOS 5D Mark III is very good looking camera with great performances.

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