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Getting Pregnant - Positions For Sex and the Basics of Sex For Conception

If you are trying to get pregnant and it hasn'thappened yet, you may be getting extremely frustrated. You may be sofrustrated that you are searching for a magic solution. Friends andfamily may be telling you the things that worked for them. If you thinksome of their solutions sound a little far fetched, you are probablyright. Other well-meaning people could be telling you to "just relax".But when you want to get pregnant, such platitudes can be equally asdiscouraging as the negative pregnancy test you get each month.Asyou well know, sex has to happen for a baby to be conceived. It is morethan just sex that has to happen. Sperm has to get to the egg. If thesperm does not get there, you simply aren't going to get pregnant.There is a lot of information that claims different positions duringsex will provide a greater chance of the sperm getting to the egg.Medicalstudies show that there is no one position that will guarantee thesperm gets to the egg. Whether or not the sperm gets to the egg ishighly dependent upon two things: 1.) Whether or not the egg and thesperm meet within 24 hours of the egg's release from the ovary; and 2.)Whether or not the sperm can travel fast enough to get to the egg.However, logic indicates that if the woman is lying down, there is abetter chance of the semen staying in her for a longer period of time.Sincesperm can live for as many as four days, the longer the semen stays inthe woman, the greater her chances of achieving conception become.Obviously, the missionary position with the woman on the bottom and theman on top will accomplish this better than any other sexual position.Taking all of the fun out of sex to get pregnant is never a good idea,so take this suggestion lightly and use your imagination to come upwith other positions that will keep semen inside of your body for alonger amount of time without sacrificing the fun of being with yourpartner.It is a widely spread suggestion that women keep theirlegs straight up in the air after intercourse. While this is not reallynecessary, it certainly will not hurt anything. The easier it is forthe sperm to get to the egg, the greater the chance of conception willbe. Again, it is going to be the health of the sperm that gets it tothe egg, so you may be helping things out a little with your feet inthe air, but it isn't a guarantee to achieving your desired pregnancy.Ifpregnancy hasn't happened for you, it is possible that you are tryingto have sex very frequently. While frequent sex can be great for thepassion in a relationship, it can be harmful to you conception chances.Too frequent sex can be even more detrimental to your conceptionchances than sex standing up can be! The man needs enough time for newsperm to be produced. Frequent sex can result in ejaculate with lowconcentrations of sperm. A good rule of thumb is to have intercourseevery 48 hours when trying to conceive.It is really importantthat sex not become mechanical when trying to get pregnant.Unfortunately, that is often what happens. Try to enjoy intercourse andremember that your baby should come from an environment of love.

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