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Why is Bluetooth headset better than other wireless headsets?

Users of Bluetooth headset claim that the best convenience offered by it is the wireless mobility without the costs of high power consumption. Although many other kinds of wireless headphones can be found in the market, Bluetooth headsets have excelled in terms of mobility, convenience and ease.Some of the common wireless headphones type includes radio frequency headsets that use radio waves for linking two devices (transmitter and receiver). Infrared are another popular wireless headset type and it makes use of the infrared frequency waves to carry out the communication between the two linked devices.Bluetooth headsets have successfully overcome the limitations that were associated with both of these devices, like its transmission range can cover a 100 meter radius. Although headphones with Radio frequency can cover a larger radius, they consume high power and therefore aren’t economical. So if we talk in terms of both, the range and power, then Bluetooth enable headsets win. They can be used with a wide range of devices; media players, game boxes, mobile phones and computers being common examples.Nowadays, devices that are commonly used with the Bluetooth headset include cell phones and Personal Digital Assistance (PDA). Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) has also allowed many mobiles and PDAs high quality streaming to the headsets and this means that you avoid the use of wired headsets for listening audio. Many of them also have built in microphones. If your device supports HSP, HFP and AVRCP, you can use your Bluetooth headset to make or receive calls and gain wireless control over your device.Apart from these, you can use them with your computer as well. You can use them in place of your traditional headphone or microphone while voice and video chats through your computer or laptop. Many latest portable player models are also beginning to support Bluetooth function. So you can use them with your Bluetooth headset too. Even the gamers are not behind. The latest generations have also given their players an option of playing online or interact with the social communities. You can chat with your game mates even when game controllers have occupies both your hands. You can even stay in touch with them while you are away from the game box.More and more devices are starting to support Bluetooth and so, these headsets will soon be very dominant for playing, listening to music and voice chats etc.

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