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What Is Satellite-Based Mobile Backhaul?

With geostationary satellites and teleports, it is possible to link remotely isolated bases stations without as much cable or fiber networks required by a common terrestrial mesh model. Teleports form the backbone of wireless communications links between satellites and terrestrial terminals. Why use satellite backhaul? Mining companies, oil and gas exploration services, defense agencies and marine transportation providers use mobile backhaul  services by teleport operators to bridge the telecommunications gap in certain regions, especially rural areas. Rural customers have strong demand for satellite backhaul since national carriers often cannot maintain cable facilities in underpopulated areas. Teleports process ground and satellite signals with their big antennas which resemble satellite dishes. Teleport hubs can make voice over satellite, satellite broadband, GSM and other wireless service possible in rural areas. Advanced teleports operated by global satellite carriers are designed to act as two-way channels to make mobile backhaul work for real-time, high-bandwidth communications. Signals have to be sent from Earth to satellite, and back to Earth again to initiate the first stage of data transmission. Then, signals are beamed back to satellite and transmitted down to the originating site to complete the cycle. Teleport services are ideal for corporate users in industries like broadcasting, communications, transportation, and oil exploration. Retail industries and banking institutions will also find satellite Internet very valuable in preventing unexpected Internet loss and disruption in wireless communications. Also known as earth stations or ground stations, these facilities serve VoIP users, web surfers, and GSM phone callers. Companies that rely on broadcasting as a means of mobile communications and service delivery will benefit a lot from satellite services. By ensuring access to wireless means of communication, teleports lower the risk of business operations. Redundant hubs offer a lot of extra capacity for processing signals. Teleport networks with high redundancy are preferable over those with high consumption rate. Central hubs for Internet services use channels that run in opposite directions to increase capacity. This makes it easier for teleports to redirect traffic to different channels in case of sudden surge in signal traffic. In choosing teleport facilities for running mobile backhaul, go for those with failure-proof equipment. Make sure that the central hubs are not prone to downtime. Know how they prevent system failure during natural calamities and emergencies like fire. The level of security and risk management measures of central hubs will determine how dependable their teleport services are. The quality of satellite Internet and other satellite service depends on teleport facilities. High latency or signal delay prevents wide adoption of satellite services. Nevertheless, hubs are improving continuously. But thanks to recent innovations in bandwidth optimization and satellite engineering, the efficiency of central hub units has improved as well. Since central network operations centers differ in capacity, choosing satellite carriers with the most modern and most number of teleport networks is the best choice. Teleports that are jointly ran by SATCOM and terrestrial communications companies can guarantee high uptime and uplink efficiency. Technological innovations in satellite engineering have been bringing down the cost of teleport services. Thus, mobile service like VoIP and GSM can be provided in rural zones without costly investments in fiber networks and telecommunication lines. As satellite dishes become available with more efficient features at lower cost, teleport services attract more businesses and residential users. Analysts expect more cost improvements and look forward to improved latency mitigation technologies at earth stations.

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