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  Amongst the wide variety of buy shipping containers out there, your freight forwarder recommended a High Cube container. And as if the already existing varieties weren't enough to make you pull your hair out, this new addition got you perplexed. Well, we know what you're thinking. Thus, we are here to give you a quick, but in-depth rundown on all about high cube containers. It is a distant relative of the family of universal 20 ft and 40 ft standard shipping containers but just a taller one. The only reason the conventional maritime containers are tweaked from the standard measurements is to accommodate freight and cargo of abrupt shapes and sizes and taller height. Did you know that the high cubes are the most popular choices these days because of their ability to offer extra space? But how would you know if an HQ container is a right fit for you or not? If you have already got a professional opinion on this, well and good. In case you are looking for someone to guide you through this problem. Well, there's no need to be all jittery about this. We, at BOXXPORT, are here to help. A Brief Overview: The High Cube High cube containers are referred to as those standard-sized containers with a height of 9’6”. They resemble standard containers when viewed from the top and bottom. But since they are a tad bit higher, when viewed from front and back, they look like a cube instead of a cuboid-shaped standard metal shipping container. Thus, the name got its origin. The high cube containers can be popularly referred to as High cube, Hi-Cube, HC, or HQ.  A large chunk of these freight containers is built from durable substances such as steel or aluminum. They are utilized to ship nearly all varieties of goods just like standard cargo containers. But, the main function is to carry heavy and large cargo, generally those taller than 2.7 m or so. Numerous lashing rings are installed on the front top end rail, bottom cross member, and also on corner posts of high cube containers. These rings can bear a maximum weight of 1000 kg. Some HQ containers may even possess recesses on the floor. These recesses serve two objectives-they help to focus the containers on a chassis and also allow these containers to lie lower. Thus, giving them a taller structure. Dimensions of 20 & 40 HQ Containers Containers are manufactured in compliance with the standard dimensions decided by the ISO. This makes them convenient to be stacked efficiently. High cube containers are alike to the 40ft standard containers in length and breadth but have the height difference of 1 foot offers the consumers an additional ~344 cubic feet apace for shipment of goods. Well, the extra height also implies that these HQ containers are heavier than the conventional ones. Also, their extra height is not preferred for inland transportation especially when undergoing through tunnels, bridges, etc. 20 ft High Cube Container Dimensions in Ft    Length Width Height External dimension 19’35” 7’7” 8’8” Internal dimension 19’8” 7’7” 8’8” Door opening   7’6” 8’4” Cubic Capacity: 37.28 m3   40 ft High Cube Container Dimensions in Ft    Length Width Height External dimension 39’47” 7’7” 8’8” Internal dimension 40’ 7’7” 9’5” Door opening   7’6” 8’4” Cubic Capacity: 76.4 m3 45 ft High Cube Container Dimensions in Ft   Length Width Height External dimension 44’47” 7’6” 8’8” Internal dimension 45’ 7’7” 9’5” Door opening   7’6” 8’4” Cubic Capacity: 86.0 m3

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