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Different glassware used for serving liqueur

Liqueurs made from fruits and herbs such as amaretto, passionfruit liqueur and strawberry liqueur have their distinct aromas which should be enjoyed along with the taste. Below are some of the most common types of glasses used when serving liqueur: The Coupe - The coupe is a shallow and wide glass that was once popularly used for serving champagne, but these days it is more commonly seen holding cocktails or dessert wines. It has a curved bowl that tapers inward at the top and usually holds around six ounces of liquid. The Margarita Glass - This iconic glassware gets its name from the classic Mexican cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec. It has a wide rim and an even wider base, perfect for accommodating all those delicious sugary ingredients. It typically holds between eight and twelve ounces of liquid. The Martini Glass - As you might expect, this slender glass is most often used to serve martinis, but can also be used to serve other cocktails like the Cosmopolitan made using delicious liqueurs. It typically holds between five and seven ounces of liquid, but it can go up to twelve or fourteen ounces for larger drinks that are made with multiple liquors. The shot glass - This small, cylindrical glass is perfect for serving shots of your favorite liqueur. It typically holds between one and two ounces of liquid, making it the ideal size for a quick drink. The highball glass - This simple glass is perfect for drinks that are made with mixers like cola or lemonade. It has a tall, thin shape that helps to keep your drink cold and refreshing.

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