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The Importance of Being a Good Dad

Growing up without a dad is not the best for any child. If a dad is absent from a child's life they miss out on having a manly influence for boys as well as girls. The mom has to step in and try to be both mom and dad but a lot times it is too hard. The influence is different for each gender because each person's needs are different. Being without a dad gives the child a view on males that is usually bad. The child spends their life fighting to find the male role model. Hopefully they will find someone who has a good influence on them. If the male role model has a bad influence on them the results can be devastating.Many people believe that women marry men that resemble the male influence growing up as a child. So what about the little girl whose dad is not around? A little girl growing up without a father or a dad who is not good tries to find love in all the wrong places. If the mom is not able to guide the child completely because she is working to provide then other influences come in. The influence comes from television, music and peers. It could even come from other family members. If no one teaches the child right from wrong then she is likely to fall into the wrong crowd. The crowd that is promiscuous at a young age fulfills loneliness with physical touch. The little girl will start to think this is the only way for her to get the love she has been looking for all her life. Then she will end up pregnant at a young age or marry a man who does not love her correctly. This little girl has low self esteem because she does not know about true love.The little boy growing up without a dad is a little different. Boys need someone to teach them to be a man. They need someone to show them how to provide for themselves and one day a family. They need someone to show them how to fix things and to use their strength for good. Boys who do not have a positive male role model have a higher chance at falling into the street life. They fall into a gang or a group of kids who do drugs and party. They are focused on providing in a negative way instead of doing something great to help make the world a better place. The boy will more than likely grow up to disrespect women. He will have a lot of anger and resentment with an "I don't care" attitude about life.A lot of people reading this may be thinking they know a child who needs a positive male role model. The child may not have a dad and the mom is working hard to provide and trying to do both roles. The world should come together to help these children by guiding them and helping them to become good people. Some day these children will be in charge of the world. Hopefully they will be a good influence and give or invent things that can move everyone's lives in a positive direction. However, without the proper guidance the lives of fatherless children might just perpetuate more unhappiness.

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