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Musical Toys - 5 Cool Musical Toys For Under $20

1) Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano - This musical toy over delivers in a big way!  While most piano toys for toddlers are push button boring, the count and compose piano offer three distinct modes which will delight and educate kids at the same time.  Instrument Key Mode plays the notes of the selected instrument (piano, flute or xylophone) each time a key is pressed.  Baby Composer Mode plays a portion of a classical melody in order each time a key is pressed and lets children figure out how the pieces of music go together.  Counting Mode teaches children the numbers one through five in English, Spanish and French.  Combined with a large screen with flashing lights and a roller drum with rattle balls, this cool musical toy has it all.2) iPlay Strike-A-Chord Violin - Get children used to holding an instrument early with this musical toy.  The violin is made of tough plastic for durability and comes with a bow and a built in stand.  Playing 18 pre-recorded songs from the controls at the top as the bow is slid across the "strings", kids will learn rhythm and tempo while they develop their ears for music.  Volume control is included along with lights that flash while they play.  This toy is perfect for playing along with older siblings as they practice their own instruments.3) Hasbro Playskool Magic Guitar - Nothing is cooler than a guitar player!  Kids will love being the star of the show with this cool musical toy.  They can play five pre-recorded tunes by waving their hand over the middle of the guitar.  There are two rock and blues tunes as well as versions of "Mary Has A Little Lamb", "Pop Goes The Weasel", and "When The Saints Come Marching In".  Kids can even slide the whammy bar back and forth to make guitar sound effects.  Hand your child his own guitar and have him play along to CDs, the TV or even with instrument playing parents.  Made of tough plastic to withstand the rigors of the rock star life!4) Melissa & Doug Deluxe Beginner Band Set - Known for their superior quality wooden construction, Melissa & Doug musical toys are built to last.  These instruments come in a handy wooden storage box so kids won't misplace the pieces.  The set includes a xylophone, a kazoo, a harmonica, castanets, and a jingle stick which functions like a tambourine.  Kids can discover new sounds with each instrument while learning rhythm and tempo.  Fun for groups of kids to each grab an instrument and try to make their own music.  These cool musical toys serve as a nice introduction to the world of playing an instrument.5) LeapFrog Sing-Along Read-Along - This musical toy may be the coolest of them all!  LeapFrog has a well earned reputation for educating while entertaining and this DVD plus storybook set is further proof of it.  The DVD has 12 animated music videos that correspond to 12 individual storybooks.  Kids follow along reading the books while the videos play.  There is singing and dancing and all of the songs are subtitled to encourage reading.  There are even little mini-skits which teach individual vowel sounds.  The ease and fun of the sing-along read-along motivates children to pursue further reading on their own.  And don't worry, the songs aren't the usual annoying, repetitive stuff you get from most children's shows and videos.  This cool musical toy lets them laugh, sing and play while learning important reading skills.  Very cool!

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