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Enrich The Life of Your Child with Music

Even from earliest infancy a child will usually respond to and enjoy music. It is known that the fetus in the womb can hear sounds, and many a mother has reported responses to music from their unborn child. After birth, an infant will usually respond positively to music even if it is a lullaby lovingly croaked by the most amateur of singers, the baby's parents. Musical mobiles, music boxes in stuffed animals, and all varieties of musical toys are usually provided to babies and young children.Toddlers are natural musicians and display their talent by banging pot lids, dropping toys, kicking the sides of the crib and doing many other things just for the joy of sound. Pretty soon they will be singing whatever music they are most exposed to no matter its source: television commercials or radio music. Sometimes they will sing out in the grocery store or some other setting that may make us a little uncomfortable. So what do we do with what appears to be a budding musician? Some children are told to be quiet. Other children may be signed up immediately for music lessons. The latter may not necessarily be such a good thing if it is too early. What can happen is that a child's spontaneous joy in music is turned into the drudge of memorizing scales. Many music educators suggest that a child have good reading skills and math skills before beginning formal music lessons. Some young children will love music lessons and others will find them to be a chore. Have a care not to turn a child off to musical learning too early.Before any child is ready for lessons, he or she should have a deep-seated love for music. Not everyone needs to be a musical performer. Even if your child never plays a musical instrument, he or she can develop a more appreciative ear. Music is a fundamental need and experience for us as humans. Children do not need to be gifted or talented to love and learn music. Reading and math lessons are not reserved for the talented and neither should music lessons be reserved for the privileged. It is not necessary that a person be considered a performer when they have had music training. Everyone learns to write in school, but no one expects that all children will grow up to be authors. Music fills a need for a more joyful and sensitive existence. It can provide all of our lives with beauty, variety, inspiration and of course, entertainment. Sing to your children, and sing with your children. Listen to a variety of recorded music together. Go to live music performances. Make simple instruments. Play musical games. All of these things will enrich your child's life. 

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