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Wedding Favors: Thinking Both Inside and Outside The Box

With so many aspects of a wedding to plan, obsess over and argue about,wedding favors are usually one of the furthest things from a couplesminds. In fact, most wedding favors are usually one of the last weddingdecisions that are made in the frantic lead-up to the wedding. To behonest, most couples probably wonder what the need for a wedding favoris? I mean, would anyone even notice if one was not given out? BecauseI’m not a member of the wedding favor lobby I will tell you the honesttruth: most people probably wouldn’t. Unless they are chocolate orcookies-which will be promptly eaten and enjoyed- most wedding favorsare either thrown away or stuffed into random draws where they will situntouched for years. Alright, sorry, maybe I was a bit too harsh. I’mnot trying to say that you shouldn’t give out small favors at yourupcoming wedding; I’m just saying to be smart about. Don’t feel likeyou have to spend a lot of money on them. The truth is, for most people(except close family and friends) even the most expensive of weddingfavors find their way into the trash within the first week. The key isto find something that is cute, small, and something that you know youwould want to keep if you were attending the wedding. Hand’s down thebest bet when it comes to providing wedding favorsis some type of food. We’re not talking jambalaya here, we are talkingabout some cookies, fudge, or, even better, chocolates. Many coupleslove this idea because food can either be purchased cheaply or made athome. Most wedding guests will probably end up eating the chocolates atsome point during the reception. Plus, who doesn’t like chocolate? Ifyou really want to go the whole “keepsake” route with your weddinggifts then some type of photo book or frame might work. You can usuallyget a good bulk rate on small photo books, and if you supply drinks andsome sort of food, you can usually get your friends to help puttogether these photo books for no charge. Framed pictures might be abit more expensive, but at the same time, if it’s a good picture and acute frame, chances are many of the wedding guests will put it up andnot stow them away. In the end, a couple should just go from the heartwhen it comes to finding the perfect wedding favor. Of course, anyonecan give guidance, but the final decision always rests with the brideand groom. Or, maybe, just the bride, if we are being honest.

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