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Will You Buy The Best Battle Strikers Toy For Your Child? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Why are Battle Strikers different to any other spinning top game?a)    They have a new ripcord system.b)    They light up once in play.c)    They are launched and controlled in play by magnets.The answer is (c).  The innovation Battle Strikers bring to the classic spinning tops game is the power of magnets. There are magnets in the launcher which do away with the need for rip cords, but instead rev the Striker up to immense speeds before releasing it into battle. Once in battle there are more magnets in the fingertip controller which allow the player to guide their Striker more directly through the battle.How is each different Battle Striker unique from the others in the range?a)    They have a different combination of powers.b)    They are different colours.c)    They have different names.Whilst all of the above answers are correct, the most significant difference is (a) in the makeup of the Striker. Each Striker is categorised with a rating of 1-5 in the areas of Attack, Defence and Control. Some Strikers are very powerful in one of these areas with a 5 star rating, while others are more balanced with middle ratings across the board. This gives each Striker a uniqueness that allows for interesting battles between tops.How can each Battle Striker be customised?a)    Through various stickers sold with the toy.b)    By mixing and matching parts with other Strikers.c)    By renaming each Striker.The answer is (b).  Once the launch and control aspects of the game have been mastered by your child, the Battle Strikers experience is not over. If they have a collection of two or more Strikers, customisation can begin. There are various pieces that make up a Battle Striker and the design of each piece determines their attack, defence or control rating. By taking the Strikers apart and mixing the various pieces of a few Strikes together, a whole new Striker with unique abilities is formed.Well done if you answered all of these questions correctly – you are a Battle Strikers expert. If you had any problems with the questions, hopefully you have now learned more about them and can find the best ones to buy.

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