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The Change in Design

My father did drafting the old way you know where you use a thing called a pencil, and something they used to write on called paper, you know the white stuff. My career in the drafting field is has changed over the last couple decades. My father did drafting the old way you know where you use a thing called a pencil, and something they used to write on called paper, you know the white stuff. Schools are offering classes based on CADD now and it has become the main study for the drafting field. The software is updated frequently, so drafters have to stay diverse and flexible in order to change when the programs change or incorporate new settings. Almost every field of design is involved with CADD in one way or another.   When I first started studying drafting when I was about 8 years old computers did not have programs made specifically for engineering, or architecture. My Dad had me do simple 2D designs to practice and become more skillful as a boy. When I designed these drawings I used a drafting board, mechanical pencil, ruler, compass and that was about it. Later in life while I was in High school I was introduced to a drafting course where they put away these ancient tools and traded them for computers. Luckily for everyone who has decided to become an architect or engineer CADD has changed the process of design.   Schools everywhere now are incorporating drafting courses where the main study is Computer Animated Drafting and Design or CADD. High schools have incorporated these classes also in order to give the students a head start. Programs are also available in High schools now where the students can take all three classes in the drafting field and get credit for College. Since these programs have been available to the public most schools decided to make the transfer from a drafting board to a computer. The age of the drafting boards have come to a stop, and there's no hope for it in the future with CADD at the wheel.   These new software programs have a common fundamental similarity, but not all of them are the same. Some of these programs are designed for a specific field. These fields include engineering, architecture, civil, and mechanical design. Each one of these programs are basically the same, but have some unique differences. For example the program made specifically for mechanical designs may include tools to design welds, or sheet metal. An architectural program may include tools to easily develop rafters, windows, concrete block and more. The civil program includes tools made to easily create parking lots and streets. You can see by these examples that each program is unique and made for specific reasons.   With the advance in technology and communication the design field regardless which one has definitely felt the presence of CADD. This new software has made work so much easier for many people in different fields of design. Schools are now offering classes starting in High school in order to prepare the students for college. This new way of design has made drafting more efficient and cost effective by eliminating mistakes, and cutting time in more than half.If You would like to learn more about the CAD Design Process Click Here-Invention & Prototype Design Services

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