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Cleaner production of manganese powder

The first production line was built in 1956. Production of Chinese electrolytic manganese powder reached 494000t in 2004. China becomes the largest metal powder supplier, exporter and consumer in the world. Cleaner production refers to the excellence design, the use of advanced technology and equipment, the use of clean energy and raw materials, measures to improve management and comprehensive utilization, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, , pollution reduction and efficiency increasing. Cleaner production is to achieve environmental protection strategy to control the whole process of control of the steering pollution by the end of the "only way to implement the scientific concept of development, and guide enterprises to take the new road to industrialization. Manganese as a high pollution, high energy consumption industries, and implementation of cleaner production is particularly important. Manganese from source control preferred the non-toxic, low toxicity, low-polluting raw and auxiliary materials to prevent the hazards of raw materials and products for humans and the environment. Using a manganese oxide and I acid, reducing the use of liquid ammonia; selenium dioxide is highly toxic, ammonium sulfite to reduce the part of the amount of selenium dioxide. At the same time, the conversion of high utilization, low coefficient of sewage, energy saving and production operation control of automated processes and equipment to achieve the purpose of energy conservation, energy, pollution reduction. Analysis of cleaner production equipment should be installed as soon as possible microwave roasting equipment; manually remove the board way, easy to bring out the electrolyte and pierced the diaphragm bag, we recommend using the crane to remove the board, mechanized operations. Comprehensive utilization of the tailings, it is recommended to continue to invest in research funding to further improve the recovery efficiency; should properly resolve the residues stacking management, and to avoid secondary pollution; reclaimed water used in the leaching process can be saved to remove Mn process. Around the leaching electrolysis workshop, the greenbelt should be built to reduce pollution for the surrounding environment. Manganese production, the dependence is relatively high, the implementation of the positions and the target responsibility system, standardized operation to remove the board, to prevent with the electrolyte, wall washing, scouring attention to water conservation, makes for a waste of resources and pollution minimize emissions; continuous electrolysis of particularity, it is recommended to do blackout prevention measures, the establishment of the plant emergency power generation system, regularly check the circuit, update aging line; equipment management, improve the good condition of equipment and the running rate. As an industry with high material consumption, high-energy, high-polluting, the implementation of cleaner production of manganese powder needs cleaning raw materials, advanced technology and equipment, waste recycling and water reuse. These measures will improve the environmental and economic benefits for manganese industry. It has important practical significance. It is the only way for sustainable development of Chinese electrolytic manganese powder industry. Source:http://www.mhcmp.com

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