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The Dominance Of EOS

I’ve covered a few 3D printing companies across the globelately, but I really want to focus some attention on the additive manufacturingcompany known as EOS. This 3D printing company has held its own for quite awhile, and pioneered one of the most innovative technologies within the 3Dprinting industry known today. This company was founded in Munich, Germany, andcreated a manufacturing method that is still in very common use today. Thismethod is known as DMLS, or direct metal laser sintering.  First off, what is DMLS? Direct metal laser sintering is anadvanced additive manufacturing process which involves the use of laser meltingtechnology to form a final product. It is similar to other 3D printing methods,as it is a CAM system, or computer-aided-manufacturing system. For this towork, an engineer or product developer will have to create a computer blueprintof the product to be manufactured. This product will then be sent to a 3Dprinter which is capable of DMLS technology. This machine will then be preparedfor manufacturing. In a nutshell, DMLS is layer by layer laser melting processof metals. The process starts like this: a layer of powder will be laid downover the machines build envelope, or space delegated for the product to bemanufactured on. This powder will consist of powdered stainless steel, maragingsteel, cobalt chrome, Inconel, titanium, or other alloys. This powder will alsobe laid down in layers at a fraction of a millimeter. In accordance to theoriginal blueprint, through 3D printing, a laser will melt each layer of metaltogether. After one layer is melted in accordance to the blueprint, anotherlayer will be laid down on top of the previous one, and it will also be melted.The process will continue as layers stack on top of layers, and each individuallayer will be melted as necessary. After so many layers, the final product willbe ready. As not 100% of each layer will be laser melted, the unused powderwill surround the melted powder, holding it in place and acting as a support.The final product from 3D printing will be removed from the printer, and theexcess powder around it will be dusted off. So basically, layers of powder willbe melted together to form a final product!  This method of manufacturing is revolutionary within the 3Dprinting world, as it allows for the precise creation of strong metal partswith excellent detail. 3D printing metals through direct metal laser sinteringis a much better alternative to machining metal parts for multiple reasons.First, in many situations DMLS is more inexpensive than machining. Second, DMLScan create very precise parts with organic shapes which machining methods can’tcompete with. Third, DMLS is much quicker than traditional machining. Piecescan be created within one day, sometimes within a few hours. This German methodof 3D Printing is one way that EOS stands out within the 3D printing industry.This technology has truly shaped the way that we do manufacturing nowadays! 

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