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2021 Food Delivery Trends & Statistics

 With the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic taking its toll in many countries, people resorted to ordering their food online. The pandemic started in early 2020, and it is still not under control. With countrywide lockdowns, citizens stayed home to avoid getting infected with Covid-19. Food delivery has seen a huge growth due to all of this, and we predict you will see food deliveries triple by 2023 compared to what they were last year. We also expect several major acquisitions within the industry as well. Food delivery is a service in which food and restaurant takeout orders are delivered to customers. Food deliveries can be made by the employees of the restaurant wearing their branded waist aprons and uniforms or via an external courier service or automated system within a certain radius of the outlet, typically between two and five miles. Food delivery was also a beacon of light for restaurants and hotels who saw a huge loss in revenue due to the pandemic. Some restaurants even had to close their doors for good, because they couldn't afford the staff needed to operate, while some survived through innovative means such as delivering food through their own staff wearing their branded waist or bistro aprons. This meant they did not need to spend additionally for third party couriers. The food delivery business will continue being popular in 2021 due to all of these reasons, so order your favorite dishes online and have it delivered directly to your home, rather than risking going out during a pandemic. We also believe there is potential for new technology within the industry, so expect some electronic gadgets which are designed specifically for this type of business use.

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