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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ }); Boutique hotel like Taj Princess is a new-flanged best budget 3 star hotel for a comfortable stay in Karol Bagh, New Delhi with outstanding services to the visitors with fully efficient staff members. The hotel facilitates you with revitalising stay along with exotic experience of extravagant dining ranging from Indian tadka to foreign tastes.Revitalising opportunitiesThe hotel is well decorated with vivid decorative stuffs. The hotel provides a marvellous experience of staying in luxurious rooms ranging from single premium room to double presidential suit and serves you with best quality services. It has put forward a glimpse of providing an exotic quality services and facilities by being there in the list of Best Hotels in Karol Bagh New Delhi by now. Contemporary itinerants will definitely appreciate the facilities and all the amenities provided to them at this boutique hotel along with the exotic and quirky stuffs to add beauty to the rooms in order to provide them a relaxing time.Varied room designsSingle premium room is an idyllic dwelling to visit in New Delhi for commercial and professional itinerants as well as day-trippers situated in the core of Karol Bagh, New Delhi facilitating with a clean, high-class and extremely personalised. Single executive club and presidential suit are embroidered with splendid interior decoration and modest sophistication; these rooms are a quintessence of up-to-the-minute luxury. They are absolutely perfect for a contented and calm stay along with an opportunity to revitalise in absolute amity of mind.Double premium rooms are the most elegant rooms exotically decorated with quirky stuffs and full of revitalising options. The interior décor of the rooms is such that they enable the itinerants to spend a splendid time during their stay in boutique hotels.Double executive club and presidential suit are designed with the only intention of itinerant’s cosiness in mind; the room entirely validates its name providing a sophisticated setting for a revitalising stay. Presidential suit is the most elegant room exotically decorated with quirky stuffs and designed with the only intention of itinerant’s cosiness in mind.The Restaurant It is true that while travelling the visions of a flawless retreat are contented when a relaxed accommodation is complemented by extravagant heart touching feasting opportunities ranging from Indian fragilities to Chinese brim smackers that ensemble your tastes and desires. Taj Princess tries to provide all-inclusive experience weighed down with earnest memories of revitalising stay and dining at Taj Princess, the best boutique hotel in New Delhi.Conference HallThe topography of the hotel is equipped with four diverse theatre style preferences for conferences as per the visitor’s requirements and specifications. The hotel provides the visitors with the conference halls possessing the following styles.Emerald I – 60 persons Emerald II - 100 persons Emerald III - 60 persons Emerald IV – 40 persons Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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