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Garage Storage is Achievable in the New Year

The New Year is here, and it is time to set some New Year's resolutions. There are the obvious ones that most people address: a healthier lifestyle, increased knowledge in a specific area, improve upon a latent talent, and become more organized. Now, these are just generalities, each can be broken down into hundreds of specific goals to suit each individual. But we are only going to take a look at one tiny area in the "become more organized" category. And that is getting your garage storage  more organized. But even this is a general goal when you look at your garage, to tackle such a project it needs to be broken down into more specific goals. Lets take a look at each of these smaller goals and then how they can be accomplished to achieve the larger, overall goal of garage storage organization. The goals that readily come to my mind are:Get everything up off of the floor.Place chemicals and other dangerous items behind closed doors, out of sight and reach of children.Have items be readily accessible.First, there are a lot of ways and different type items that you want to get off of the floor. Shelves are a great option for most items. Boxes of stuff, camping gear, and large tools all store very well on shelves. For  seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, or items that your rarely access, such as keep sakes, you can get shelving that hang from the ceiling. One really nice thing about getting things off the floor and onto shelves, is that you do not have to worry about any types of spills or flooding in your garage that could damage your belongings.Second, in garage storage other great organizational products are cupboards and cabinets. You can find cupboards on casters that can be moved around, or tall cabinets that are also lifted off the ground, or even cupboards that hang higher up on your garage walls. These are great for keeping smaller items in an organized manner, plus they keep your garage looking neater by having closed doors. Many of these cabinets and cupboards have locking doors, perfect for items that you want to keep out of little hands.Third, keeping items accessible is achieved with shelves, cupboards and cabinets, but a great way to keep hard to store items accessible is with slotted or pegged flow walls. These special wall boards attach to your garage wall, and then you use any of a large variety of accessories that hang on the wall. These types of accessories include baskets for storing sports balls, small bins to store small hardware type items, special hooks for large tools, ladders or wheel barrows. There are also specialty hooks and shelves available for things like fishing rods, golf bags and shoes, sports rackets, and bikes (you can even get bike racks that store bikes suspended from the ceiling). These walls are great for garage storage, and if you need to access something often and that item is hard to store on a shelf or in a cupboard, chances are there is some type of mechanism to hang or store it on one of these wall units.So, don't be intimidated, garage storage in an organized manner is achievable. Just break the resolution down into smaller steps and you will be pleased with what you can achieve.

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