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When Baby Just Will Not Stop Crying

A screaming baby is not any fun, especially when you do not have a clue what is wrong with her. You are getting frustrated and angry. Before you start screaming back make sure you have tried everything. There are many reasons the baby could be crying, you just have to figure out which reason it is. Easier said than done right? Does she have a burp stuck in her tummy? Try different burping methods. Put her on your shoulder or across your legs. Try sitting her up and patting her or gently squeezing her sides. Sometimes even a little tummy time can work out that unwanted bellyache.Even a little wetness can cause a baby to be upset so make sure she has a fresh diaper. Maybe she has a clogged up nose. Suck her nose out with a nasal aspirator; you might be surprised at what you get out of her nose. If a booger is clogging her breathing she cannot tell you any other way than crying. If she is not already, make sure she is swaddled and wrapped in her blankets well. If she is, maybe she is too hot, and then you may need to remove blankets or heavy clothing. Overly tired babies will cry too. Often the best way to get an overly tired baby to sleep is rocking and soothing her. Although, crying herself to sleep might take place, as long as it is not for very long and is not affecting her breathing, it should not hurt her. Another reason for the crying could be for attention. Everyone, even babies, like being talked to and held. No one likes to be ignored, so why ignore her? Is she hungry? You can try giving her the bottle or try different feeding positions. She may not be comfortable. Make sure the nipple of the bottle is not blocked off and there is milk excreting from it. If lying on her back is not comfortable for her then try sitting her up a little bit. The bottle may be too warm test it on your wrist, if it is slightly warm on your wrist it is too hot for her. It could also be too cold, again test it on your wrist with the same method. Do not use the microwave to heat a bottle. Placing it in warm water is the best way. If everything else has failed you may be stressing and at the end of your rope. Put her down in her crib and leave the room to cool off. Take a breather and count to 50 before going back in. Sometimes she just needs to cry. If after a little while the crying has still not stopped, the doctor might be the last option. The baby may be constipated or may have colic. Just remember, she can feel your stress too.

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