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Tips To Selecting The Right Rug

Before heading out any buying a rug however, it is advisable to give a little thought and consideration to your choice; in order you are happy and continue to be happy with it. Things to consider include whereabouts in the room it will be placed, what the use is for the room, and what you are using the rug for.One of the first things to consider will be the size of the rug of course. Whilst you may find a rug that you like the look of, the feel to, and the color or design; it will be a pointless purchase if too big or too small.Rugs come in many shapes as well of course, and getting this right is also important. Circular rugs can be used well; particularly if used in combination with each other. They can also be used to create a comforting atmosphere. Rectangular rugs are more common of course; and are ideal for formal settings. Another consideration are free form, which are excellent in modern areas.It is also necessary to consider the type of weave, though there are so many which can be discussed, it is well worth having a close look at these for yourself.Most rugs are machine made these days of course, but hand woven rugs tend to me more durable; though will of course cost more.As important as the weave regards durability, is the material and, again, these will need greater investigation than can be given here. Wool, cotton, silks and nylons can all be found; along with other lesser known materials. Each has its pros and its cons of course. Some wear far quicker, others lose color more readily, whilst some simply do not feel as comforting underfoot.Also important will be the color you decide to select. Many may want the color to pick up on certain accents throughout the decor of their room; others may want a complete contrast, whilst others again will want their rug to fit perfectly into the color and tone of other furnishings and floor and wall coverings.When deciding the color, it is important to also consider the material and weave again; to ensure it does not fade too quickly.Whilst decreasing in popularity of late, patterned rugs are somewhat of a hidden secret for interior design. A pattern on a rug will help to hide any little stains, reduce the effects of wear and tear and color loss. There are more modern patterns available too, which make for fantastic focal points in a room; so it is far from the elaborate Asian styles that are synonymous with them.

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