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How To Organize Your Kids Room

1. First of all you want to get on your knees and see the room from your child’s perspective. You want to make sure that you get furniture for a child. For example, bookshelves and child size hangers instead of adult wire hangers that are accessible to your child. They cannot clean up their messes if they cannot reach where it should be stored. 2. Put the least used toys and more decorative toys on the high shelves since they do not play with it anyways. 3. Teach with your child organizational skills. Do not just scream at them to clean their room and keep it clean. You have to teach them how to be organized. And make sure that you teach your child to clean up one mess before they take out and make another. 4. Clean it out and throw things away. You have to get rid of all that clutter. Donate or put away all the out of seasonkids clothing. Take toys that they child has outgrown and donate them to kids that will actually play with them again. 5. Get small storage bins to put away loose items like legos, and blocks. Try to color coordinate it not only for this child but it is a lot nicer to look at rather than the regular white or clear containers. 6. Get some of those hanging cubes and hanging shoe racks. It helps to get the things off the floor and then the kids have a place to put them rather than just throwing them in the closet or under the bed. 7. Keep things out of sight but close at hand. Your child needs that school bag on a regular basis but you don’t want to look at it all day – get a hook for behind the bedroom door to store it there. 8. Get an under bed trundle to store sheets, sweaters or even more toys rather than just throwing things under the bed. This way you can pull the trundle out when you need things rather than crawling under the bed. 9. Set that routine. Make sure that the kids clothes are put away and FOLDED in their drawers and the papers are put away in the desk and not sprawled all over the desk. Set aside 10 minutes a night to put things in their place. 10. Make a day of it with your child. Make it fun and enjoyable and make sure that they have some input on where they would like their stuff!

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