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Baby Keepsake Gifts: What Are Those Exactly

During a recent trip back East I met up with a friend who showed me her nursery adorned with baby keepsake gifts. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what they were at first either, but you should learn. This old friend, whom I have known since college, hadn’t seen each other for a few years so this was my first time seeing her since she had given birth to her new six month old son. The kid was beautiful and she looked great (she credited that to good genes and a great personal trainer), but one of the things that I was most impressed with was the child’s nursery. Besides beautiful furniture and subtle but wonderful paintings, the room was adorned with a variety of baby keepsake gifts from different family members. This gave the room a personal touch that was hard to miss. So, the first question you probably have after reading the opening paragraph is probably the same question I had upon entering the nursery: what exactly are baby keepsake gifts? Essentially it’s just a fancy word for heartfelt baby gifts which are given to a newborn for them to either play with or decorate their nursery. They can range from useable to decorative and in price from $1 to, well, just about anything. Keepsake gifts are all about emotional value and are gifts that will be kept and cherished throughout a child’s life. When I returned from my little East Coast jaunt, I started keeping an eye out for these keepsake gifts as many of my girlfriends are either already or trying to get pregnant. I found that there are dozens of websites and specialty shops offering different types of keepsake gifts for almost every type of baby or taste. These keepsake gifts included such typical fair as towels and plush toys, to decorative gifts such as plaques, paintings and tins and even seasonal items such as ornaments. Each of these products was beautifully crafted and hand decorated. A few of the items I came across really impressed me, such as a rocking horse (a bit out of my price range, but nice none-the-less), a simple hand crafted piggy bank (it’s never too early to teach kids the importance of money) and small, soft hangable crosses (which I actually purchased for an upcoming Christening I’m invited to). I was a bit surprised at how big of a business these baby keepsake gifts are, but then again, we all love to give baby gifts to newborns, so why not give them something that parents will be sure to keep and cherish throughout a their life. Sounds like a good purchase to me.

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