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College Graduation Party

The very thought of a graduation party can have the parents of a college graduate in a state of anxiety. What will be the best way of having the party and how do we make it safe are simple questions that may well be asked. The thing to remember is that there are sophisticated adults about to head off into a new career. Next week they may be running a team, for example. For a relatively brief moment they are enjoying life in a carefree way. What you actually do about having a graduation party will very much have to fit in with the graduate’s schedule. Undoubtedly they will have at least one party at college and be pretty busy saying goodbye to their close friends. The fun will be ongoing for a few days. Perhaps that is why you should arrange a family type party, or something similar at your home, timed for their visit.The first thing to do is find out what the graduates plans are. Their schedule between college and starting work will be key. Grab the chance to have them home for a few days and discuss with them what kind of party would suit them perfectly. Once you are agreed then you can get to work arranging the party. We offered to have our son and a few of his closest friends for a few days to join us in celebration. That worked well as they were able to experience our local town and beautiful beach. Our town is very friendly and everyone made them feel welcome. We loved having them to stay.Clearly once you decide to have the party then you need to get on with the decorations and all the other details. First off you do need to come up with a general theme if you are having one at all. The theme can be all over the place or even just be something that is quietly part of the party, perhaps just a couple of posters and the cake decorations. Say the graduate is going to be a vet. The cake can have some vets equipment made of fondant, perhaps a cow if they are going to work with farm animals and also have the congratulations message. The rest of the decorations can be a combined effort of vets and graduation. Here and there you can have congratulations balloons, banners and messages with graduation caps and scrolls on them. Also there can be posters of farm animals, fields, a vets clinic and even some famous vets clinics from some movies. You may take it further and ask the guests to come in some kind of costume. Also you need to get on and prepare the food, favor bags, games, music, prizes and normal decorations. All parties have banners, balloons and streamers. How far you go with the theme is a personal decision.  I try and have a more all encompassing theme if I have a big guests list and they will like it. For family and a few friends only I would be more low key although still making a big effort.I hope you can come up with some great college graduation party ideas to delight your graduate.

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