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LDS Sheet Music Brings Good Music into Your Home

Our oldest daughter has become quite an accomplished pianist, and her younger sister and brother are following in her foot steps. So we are always on the lookout for LDS sheet music so that we can have good music in our home.  Currently our first born is away experiencing her Freshman year at college, and when she returned home for Christmas break, it was wonderful to hear her play the piano again. It is one of those things you just kind of take for granted until it is missing. Some benefits I have enjoyed as a parent of a child playing good music in the home include:Greater peace and harmony in the home.Joy in sharing a loved ones talent.Watching the hard work and dedication of a child develop and grow.A great example for her siblings.A good influence on everyone in the home.When our daughter came home for Christmas, she had the requested list of possible gifts she was interested in for her birthday and Christmas (they are only a couple of days apart). After all, that is the only way (other than gift cards) to buy for a teenager. And this year, just as in the last few years, she requested some LDS sheet music for the piano. A couple of years ago, what she really wanted was a book of piano arrangements of LDS hymns. The music she plays from this book has been an enjoyment for many. We had to just guess out of the many books available, and have been very happy with our choice. This book of LDS sheet music is full of beautiful arrangements. She has been able to share these with family, friends and church members.My daughter shares her talent and great example with us all. She doesn't remain stagnant but continues to nurture and develop her talent. With guidance of her Grandma, she has been mostly self-driven and taught. When she went to college last semester, she took a piano class to develop her accompanying and sight reading skills. With everybody else being music majors, it was a bit intimidating, but we all noticed when she returned home during Christmas that her sight reading skills had improved dramatically. She had a new piece of LDS sheet music, and after playing it through only twice, she had it down note perfect.I firmly believe that music has an effect on people. I remember being at a dance as a teenager when the song "Burning Down the House" was played by the DJ. Just then the fire alarm went off. Considering the cheering that was going on, I think that a majority of the crowd would have been excited if the building had actually burned down. By the same token, music can have a positive effect on people. Because of this, it makes me glad when I hear my children listening to good music, and having LDS sheet music in the home, which leads to good piano music, is a good influence on all who hear it.Another great thing about LDS sheet music is that you can get it in different levels of difficulty. Most is written for an intermediate to experienced pianist, but there are books out there for the beginner pianist with primary songs, a great way for kids to learn since they are playing songs that they are familiar with hearing.So if you have a piano in your home and some budding or experienced pianists, make sure you have some LDS sheet music for them to practice and learn. It will be beneficial to them and to everyone else in your home.

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