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Keep Your Cutlery Looking New

Storing knives properly will extend your cutlery's life. It will also help in maintaining the beauty of your cutlery. By using the following tips, you will be able to store those knives in the correct manner, help them to last for a longer time and give you the best service for many years to come.Always make sure that your knives have been cleaned properly before storage. This means that they have washed and dried by hand. While some cutlery is designated as dishwasher safe, all will last longer and retain its beauty if it is hand washed. When washing knives do not let them soak in the sink. First this is a dangerous practice, as you could forget that they are there and cut yourself on a sharp knife hiding in the dishwater, but second, it is not good for the knives. Knives with wood handles that are soaked in the sink will have problems with loose, cracked or splintered handles. Be sure that you immediately wash knives that have been exposed to acidic foods such as citrus fruits or tomatoes. This will prevent pitting and discoloring of the knife.Knives should be stored in a in some way other than just thrown into a drawer with other kitchen tools. There are several ways to accomplish storage without damaging the knives. A magnetic knife rack keeps those knives easily accessible and easily identifiable. Just be sure that knives are stored so that they do not touch. Be sure that the magnet is strong enough to hold the weight of the knives that you are storing on the strip.A knife tray for storage in a drawer is also a way to store knives safely and to keep them out of site. If you have small children in the home, this will allow you to lock knives away so that they cannot harm themselves.A knife block sits on the counter top and stores the knives nicely. It also makes for easy of access of the cutlery when you are preparing a meal.There are a few warnings that you should take into consideration about your knives. First, you should never use cutlery to cut anything other than food. Cutting anything other than food can cause the knives to chip or become contaminates so that they are no longer safe for use with food.You should always use cutting boards when cutting food. If your are using a wooden cutting board is should be made of hardwood so that there are less chances of splintering and allowing germs from food to lodge into the wood. If you use a plastic cutting board, always wash in the dishwasher before re-using. You should use a clean cutting board when you switch from cutting meats to vegetables to prevent cross contamination.

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