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Maternal Care

When I was smaller, I at one time asked my mother what the best share of her day was, and without 2nd thoughts, her answer was each instant that you address me because you required me. Looking back, i found it sick now that I used to ask my mommy for a lot of stuff, even just to set a simple problem or just simply taking water out of the electric refrigerator just because I was so drawn-out to do so myself. My mum is uneasy most of the time because of multi-tasking between her job and taking care of us that at some point I promised I would never be a mum, ever. Who would wish to be a mother after watching your own mother get two awful jobs at the same time and still gets time to attend to us kids all the while she losses sleep and rest? So what constitutes a mother?What does it need to turn into a mum? Are mothers really that special for them to have their own annual celebration? These are the queries that I did not want to be presented with.Fortuitously, the great heavens above twisted my fortune and twisted the tides and finally had me traverse to the other side of maternal phobia. Here are some of the brilliant things I've found out during motherhood."Its Okay Mommy's Here" always works like a charm when trying to make your kids stop crying; That there is only one pretty face and every mother has it; and that the cliche Mothers Know Best oftentimes mean I told you so or otherwise signify that you have get your mothers approval on everything even on your choice of women.But more than that, I discovered that being mother is not just being the source of subsistence but also comfort, not just a source of trust but loyalty, not just a source of friendship but unconditional love. Being a mother comes with a plethora of emotions all rolled into one that defies reason.Being a mother means giving life to your kids, teach them things, let them know right from wrong, giving them freedom to live their lives but not living it for your children, not learning it for them, not deciding it for them but in the end be accountable for them. Supporting your children in every path they take even though its the least path you would like them to take. A mother is always there to endure the pain in life. Once can never cease to be a mother.So what does it take to become a mother?  It takes unbelievable and immeasurable courage. A mother can also be take the role of dad in the household, that's what makes mothers really special. Therefore it is extremely important for them to be commemorated because they are the ones that brought us into this world and on top of that gave up theirs.I know this because I have a very wonderful mom. Now that I am a mother my self, the best part of my life is in fact my children who values me and I will love them wholeheartedly forever.

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