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Development prospects of silicon carbide powder

The silicon carbide powder is mainly used in the abrasives industry, so the classifications of the micronized have special requirements. There are no large particles in micronized powders. So for the requirement for international and domestic products, the general production uses JZF grading equipment to carry out high-precision classification. Silicon carbide powder is facing many problems. The industry has a clear understanding about that. So what the industry can do is to change and improve themselves. They need to improve the core competitiveness. First, the technical level, in addition to ensure the yield and quality under the premise, it should be more concerned about the green, low-carbon production. Can be seen from the battery industry this year, faced with environmental storm shut down 70 percent, environmental protection and green production enterprises must focus on, from the prospects point of view or from the policies and regulations of view, environmentally friendly silicon powder should be attention to important issues. Can proceed to upgrade its technology, production efficiency and reduced consumption; silicon carbide recycling of waste materials and production of environmental protection; reduce resource consumption. 2011 global PV installed capacity of approximately 21GW. Assumptions cutting fine micronized with all new silicon carbide according to the ratio of 1:2, in 2012 the most optimistic estimates about 42 million tons of it; plus the recovery of sand and re-use and cutting techniques continuous improvement of silicon carbide fine micronized existing capacity is serious surplus. In addition, the silicon carbide powder is also used for refractories and abrasives, but these areas are low-end applications, low value-added products, low profits, if the silicon carbide powder market is detained here, it is difficult to get a good development. Therefore, how to develop new markets, expand the application areas, and also must face the problem. Important application field of the silicon carbide powder is the PV industry. PV’s total installed capacity target rose to 10GW. In 2020, it will substantially raise to 50GW, which is the bright prospects of the photovoltaic industry, but also the upstream industry the bright prospects of silicon carbide. In addition, needs to be emphasized: the solar energy industry also needs the participation of the silicon carbide powder. In short, the prospect of silicon carbide powder and the difficulties they faced is clearly recognized by the industry. It is believed that the metal powder supplier has its own conclusion about how to develop business with the present situation is to. The products with excellent quality and broad prospects will always have its market. Source:http://www.mhcmp.com

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