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The story of Smart Phones and Social Media

Smart-phones with their capability of installing customized apps are more popular than older multimedia or featured phones. People tend to choose smart-devices due to: their enhanced performance, improved user experience presence of their large app store Social media is targeting this addiction of smart-phones by introducing their apps for different mobile platforms. Strategic deployment of mobile application development is integrating social media addiction with smart-phones and has been profiting both the sectors. Social media is taking its step towards smart-phones so as to allow users to connect with them all the time and improve their statistics. Even the mobile market has sensed this need and hence many mobile manufacturers are coming up with new mobile devices which either have a single push-button based devices to access social media or widget based phones, which embeds social media apps. According to a report published by ComScore in March 2012, customer engagement on social media platform, Facebook, through a smart-device was more than 7 hours a day as compared to 6 hours from a desktop device. Likewise, Twitter account holders connects with their account for about 2 Hours a day, while the duration for same account was 20 min. approx from a desktop or laptop. Reasons that why this happened could be: With the coming of cloud computing platforms, mobile apps have become more handy and provide accessibility anywhere, No need to start the device again and again to access the account, it’s just about one or two clicks, Users are getting broadband speeds on their mobile devices, so dependency on desktop systems or laptops has virtually vanished Device functions are more dedicated for social media integration. Users can directly upload their photographs in their album in social media rather than first uploading it to their computer and then to their account. Some of the most popular social media apps for smart-phone users are: Facebook, the most popular among all. Facebook has developed this app for more than 2500 mobile handsets, including various feature phones and multi-media phones. Twitter, another popular social media platform known for its short post called tweets, is perfect for the mobile user. Short character tweets are perfect for posting through a wireless media. eBuddy, helps you to use three social media platform’s i.e. facebook, AOL and yahoo instant messaging service on the go. No need to install each app for the device separately. It’s just eBuddy and you get all the three you want. Blending smart-phones with the feature of social media attracts the users for the device. Social media addiction has been considerably increased due to the long working durations spent on internet or computer. So to relax during these long seating hours, social media holds a tight grip for providing mental and eventually physical relaxation.

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