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Different Methods to Carry Concealed Weapons

It is most common that handguns are concealed in the public places and people who wish to protect themselves with must do all they can to hide their weapon, otherwise they may find themselves in serious trouble even if they are in an innocent position. Size Matters When concealing something, it’s very obvious that the bigger it is – the harder it is to conceal. Also, the larger it is – the heavier it gets and the more uncomfortable it is to carry around. These factors mitigate against service type autos (Colt 1911, full size Glocks, Beretta 92 series and Taurus versions of same, full size S&W's, Ruger P89 size, Browning Hi-Power, Sig P226, and similar pistols), as well as service type revolvers (Colt Python and King Cobra; S&W K and L frame models, Taurus models that are basically copies of the Smith models, Ruger GP 100, and all similar size revolvers from other makers). No matter how brilliantly these guns perform when the whistle blows, the service pistols were never designed for concealed carry. Indeed, they were designed to be carried in large hip holsters suspended from a wide gunbelt. You should consider carrying compact service pistols like the Kahr handguns which are ultra-compact and are easier to conceal and carry around. You can easily carry these items with: • A gun belt When using gun belts to carry concealed weapon, wear something that would obscure the whole thing completely like an over-shirt or a jacket or sweatshirt. Gun belts are there to hold the gun as close to your body and so that people won’t get the chance to steal it easily from you. • In your trouser pockets Not the best option but it works if you have no other option, as long as the gun is very compact and that people would not have the inclination or slight thought that the bulge is actually a gun. • Strong side belt holster As long as you are sure you won’t be taking off your jacket. • Fanny Packs Most manufacturers offer two (or more) sizes, and the compact service pistols usually require the "large" size. The fanny pack has several good points as a method of carrying a gun. For one, it has its own wide belt that spreads the load of the pistol and makes it much more comfortable to carry all day. For another, it does not interfere with most normal activities, and is completely independent of the clothing you wear (no jacket required).

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