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How to choose a good health & safety consultant

You should also consider whether you want an individual in this role full-time, part-time or if it is a consulting position. The qualifications and experience level of the consultant will depend on what type of work they are doing for you, so be sure to choose someone with relevant training and expertise. Lastly, do not forget about cost when considering which health and safety consultant to hire; get quotes from several different professionals before choosing one that best matches your needs. There are also companies that conduct WHS consulting services who may have a more experienced team working with them, rather than just one person to give advice. A health and safety consultant should be able to identify and advise on the hazards in the workplace, as well as provide WHS training in the workplace. They should be able to create risk assessments, implement control measures, monitor them effectively and create training programs for employees that will reduce risks at work. When choosing a health and safety consultant consider their experience with your industry; what systems or processes they have helped other businesses like yours put into place. Many people hire consultants who are not qualified and this can be very costly and dangerous. It is important to hire a good health and safety consultancy because it will reduce any risks that employees face on a day-to-day basis at work. If an accident happens then legal action could be taken against the business, which would lead to bigger costs for them down the line. It is also risky not having a good health and safety system in place due to increasing legislation from governing bodies which forces companies to take more responsibility for their employees.

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