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Saving Money By Cutting Hair

Have you ever considered that in the time it takes to drive your kids to the hairdresser and back, you could have done the job yourself? Saved the cost of the haircuts, saved the cost of the fuel in the car, saved the stress of getting to your appointment on time, and had a cup of tea while you are doing the job. But here’s the rub. Your kids from about the age of 2 are already fashion monsters, far more aware of what’s in and what’s out than you could ever hope to be. So any hair job you do on them has to be up there with the best of them, they want to look good, and why not. Well that is not a problem if you are up for a challenge. It’s just a matter of broadening your horizons and learning a new skill. Imagine being able to not only cut your kids hair (though they could be your lab rats so to speak). How about as you improve your skills offering your friends a haircut, or your Mum or Dad; or a hair cutting party perhaps! It may seem like a small achievement, but learning any new skill broadens your horizons and helps to keeps you sharp and growing. Why not be the person who also cuts hair, albeit with flare and a cup of tea. Sometimes we have skills in us that jus t need a little nudge to get going, and often there is more creativity in us than we realized.  And  it may even  be healthy to see ourselves in a new light, and for others to see us in a new light. And nearly all learning is good for us. It may be a bigger saving than you thought, and money saved is money you don’t have to earn. I suppose it depends on how many kids and friends you have, and how far away your hairdresser is. And as an added bonus it just may be a bit of fun along the way as well. Don’t be afraid to try a new thing who knows where it will lead.

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