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Android Tablet specs: The buying factors

Our need for computing devices has evolved drastically. We have seen so many new products that are portable, light, and most of all much lesser in price. The Android Tablet is one of these new devices that offer fast computing power matching simple daily tasks such as internet search and browsing, twitter, Facebook, and email. This tablet has grown very popular since its introduction in the public. There are now several offers for this product and everyone has the opportunity to choose one suiting for their preference. Here are some features a buyer may want to consider when buying an Android Tablet. The heart of any computing devices is the processor. It is advisable to choose a tablet with at least 1 GHz processor. This will minimize delay in the operation. Usually tablets with lower end notch have processor with 600 MHz. Some of the current tablets today with 1Ghz processor are the Sinvigo R75 1.3GHz White 7” Android 4.0 and the AINOL 1GHz novo aurora 7 inch.  The monitor display size and the resolution are other things that should be consider. 7 inches and 10 inches monitor sizes are the most popular sizes in the market. Depending on the user requirement, he or she can get a unit suiting for their visual inclination. A person who wishes to use the tablet as fast internet surfing gadget at home then a 10 inches large screen is recommendable while the 7 inches is often preferred when the device is to be use outside the house or in work areas. An example for 7 inches tablet is the RCHO 7” A13 D50 Android 4.0 and the Sinvigo R75 7” 1.3GHz Android. The ZTPAD c91 10.2" is a good sample of 10 inches Android Tablet. The operating system of the Android Tablet is also a feature that should be regarded when buying a unit. The Android 2.2 version is the newest OS type that a buyer should look for. It is faster and much stable compare to the previous versions. The 3.0 versions has been released but no unit is available as sample.   The tablet storage, SD slot, and RAM should also be checked. A good RAM memory should be at least 512MB. 1GB RAM is often seen in most high end unit. The storage can be from 2GB to 32GB but tablet usually comes with external SD card slots. This SD slot supports storage up to 32GB. A sample of product for storage and ram specification is the SmartQ T20 10.1 inch Dual Core 16GB Android. 

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