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Top Reasons Why You Should Travel To Dubai? - Articles Factory

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ }); Dubai is one of the mystical cities in UAE with ultramodern architecture, amazing wonders, luxury shopping and spectacular nightlife that provides you with an amazing experience. It is a well-known destination that gives visitors an intriguing glimpse of the Arabian culture. An ideal spot is the world’s biggest entertainment hub with many specifications that brings you the best attractions & adventures with exceptional hospitality and safety. It’s a cultural heritage which attracts millions of business and leisure travellers from all around the world.Dubai has tallest structure and colourful water fountain:Dubai is the magnificent city with the tallest structure and sparkling colourful fountain that has been the major attraction for the travellers. The stunning fountain at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa looks amazing with many colourful projector lights which last for 30 minutes. The tower has also an observation deck on the 124th floor which takes visitors to see the glittering skyline of the city.Dubai has largest acrylic aquarium:Dubai has the largest acrylic aquarium which takes visitors to mingle with aqua creatures and also a chance to swim with them. Visitors get a chance to enjoy the company of fish and aquatic animals in a man-made largest aquarium which is most liked by the visitors. The largest collection of sharks and rays give incredible experience with lots of adventure and fun.Dubai offers the best Desert Safari:Desert Safari Dubai takes the visitor to enjoy the golden sand with an amazing sunrise and sunset views which are most liked by the visitors. The safari ride can be arranged according to your taste and preference like morning, evening or overnight. Enjoy the Belly Dance, Tanura Dance, Henna Tattooing and flavoured Shisha Piping. Visitors can also enjoy the adventurous mountain Safari ride and camel ride which are enjoyed by all for an amazing experience.Dubai has biggest shopping Malls and Souks:Dubai has biggest malls and souks which take visitors to the best shopping experience there. The Dubai Mall, Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Perfume Souk and Mall of the Emirates is the best shopping places which are best liked by the visitors to stroll around and explore the latest fashion brands and traditional artefacts. Shopping in Dubai gives a memorable experience to the visitors. Dubai Tour Package includes all the sightseeing and attractions.Dubai has Biggest Mosques:Dubai has the biggest mosques like Jumeirah Mosque and Grand mosque which take you to worship or stroll in the premises to see the architecture and artefacts. The mosque is open for all the person to devote their prayers by using a headscarf. It is said that you have to cover your head, arms or legs and also remove your shoes before entering the mosque. The headscarves are available for all on rental basis at the entrance of the mosque that anyone can take it from there.Dubai offers amazing adventurous activities:Dubai offers amazing adventurous activities that take you on an incredible experience with a helicopter tour, seaplane tour and falcon adventure. Enjoy an amazing experience with a falcon in your arms and many other activities are most liked by the lovers of adventure which gives them a really pleasant experience. Amazing adventures in Dubai are organised in a safe environment under the guidance of the team of professionals that can be enjoyed by the kids as well as beginners. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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